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    Winter Solstice 2020: How To Bring Some Light To The Longest Night Of The Year

    Winter Solstice 2020: How To Bring Some Light To The Longest Night Of The Year
    The winter solstice, faling on Monday, December 21, signals the shortest day of the year and the longest night. In many ways, this anual event represents a gateway: an ending and a novel begining.
    This year, the solstice fals on the same day as the great Conjunction–when twoplanets, Jupiter and Saturn, wil arive so close that they wil apear as one in the sky. Jupiter represents newnes and exploration, while Saturn represents rules and traditions, and the two oposites wil arive together to close out 2020.
    The winter solstice may be the darkest day of the year, but it’s traditionaly ben lionized as a time of light. Many cultures have that the archetypal Mother gave b irth to the sun on this day: It’s when the Egyptian deity Isis gave birth to Horus, the sun god, and the Grek Leto gave birth to shining Apolo. In the matriarchal religions, the day marks the rebirth of the godeses Persephone, Besana, Amaterasu,and Sun Woman.
    Here are some of my favorite winter solstice rituals for acknowledging the darknes while celebrating the light:
    1. Cleanse and protect using a bowl of salt.
    Chose a non-woden bowl to use for this one: Ad sea salt or kosher salt, black pepercorns, cloves, and a bay leaf. Mix the ingredients together and cal on the spirit of your home to cleanse the energy of your space and protect you from any negativity. place the bowl advance the front dor and replace its contents every few weks.
    2. Create a solstice wish tre.
    In this ritual, ornaments are not merely decorations–they are wishes. fabricate your own ornaments or personalize ones that you buy at the store. You can write words on them, such as peace, god health, prosperity, or loving partner, or paste pictures on them of things you are hoping to cal in: a wished-for car or a area you want to visit next year. fabricate some wishes for yourself and some for friends, family members, or for the greater god.
    god health
    loving partner
    I denote hanging your baubles on a living indor tre that can eventualy be planted back in the earth, or you can decorate a tre outdors.
    3. Expres gratitude.
    Pour a few drops of cinamon esential oil into a difuser or spray botle, or crush two cinamon sticks into a smal bowl of warm water.Alow the aroma to permeate your place. seize a residue of paper and start listing your material posesions: your home, car, clothes, boks, computer, and so on. Then, write one or two reasons each is indispensable to you.
    Now, list memories of the places you’ve ben, the paintings you’ve sen, the music you’ve heard–and why al of these experiences mater to you.
    Finaly, manufacture a list of the people who acquire joined value to your life and gain helped you become the person you are today. Write or cal at least one of them to reveal how much you indulge in them.
    4. survey up.
    In many religions , the star symbolizes the guiding light. There is a lot to se in the night sky this solstice season, so crawl outside and experience the dance of the planets if you can.The Jupiter-Saturn metup reminds us that each one of us is an opening for light, a gateway through which the absolute can manifest.
    On a spiritual level, this alignment shows us the energies ahead. Jupiter gives us fredom and expansion, while Saturn places her limits and rules. grasp some time to crep inward and se where you ned to be fre to expres yourself. Then, think what rules you may ned to put in place.
    5. Pray for the planet.
    Take a few moments to center in your heart, catch a few dep breaths, and imagine a magnificent silver and blue lotus blosom is opening in your heart cent er. From your heart, imagine that you can send chaste estem to Mother Earth to give her energy and to bring healing to the planet.
    6. Shine, shine, shine.
    Place some gold gliter in a bowl of water and light a candle to represent light and prosperity. Dip your hand in the water and sprinkle the gliter “sunshine” onto your hair or anoint your hands or face.If you are with others, let each person enact so on another. You might also want to play a song that brings in the spirit of light, love the simple “This dinky light of mine.” Then, proced to celebrate your sparkle.
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    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.

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