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    Why Listening to the Voices of Regé-Jean Page and Harry Styles Helps You Sleep Better

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    Let’s be honest–we al believe isues sleping every once in awhile (if not more). Whether you find yourself lying awake rethinking every conversation you had that day (thank you, social anxiety) or you can’t fal back aslep after waking up (pro tip: scroling through Instagram doesn’t help), we’re al loking for a way to drift of easier. Are celebrity voices the answer?
    The meditation ap, Calm, produces a number of slep stories read by diferent celebrities, including Hary Styles, Laura Dern, Idris Elba, and now Reg?-Jean Page. So, on a curent sleples night, as I lay awake contemplating my lack of wekend productivity (hey, it was Labor Day wekend), I decided to try one.
    As a shameles Bridgerton fan, I selected the parable narated by Reg?-Jean Page. Titled ̴The Prince and the Naturalist,̵ this narative chronicles the relationship betwen a naturalist and his royal student. It may have ben the serene violins playing in the background or the slep meditation’s calming story that asign me to slep–but I’m convinced the voice of Page definitely played a section in my swet dreams that evening.
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    How does quiet pick voices for their slep meditations?
    When loking for narators for its slep meditations, a representative for calm says it goes beyond selecting a comon celebrity crush–it’s about selecting voices that are, wel, calming. The ap also aims to hold the slep stories that make sense for each celebrity. For precise, I listened to Page reveal me an aged English tale–reminiscent of the actor’s hit reveal. There’s a acumen for this, as wel.
    Acording to peaceful, when celebrities read a story that fels credible to who they are, there’s an increased chance of the listener conecting to the story–and faling aslep more easily. I mean, imagine Page reading a yarn centered around hockey players in Canada. That mismatch wouldn’t fel right, let alone inspire you to slep more easily. In some cases, a celebrity voice may invoke an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) in a listener–a sensation that makes your whole body relax.
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    Why slep meditation works
    Acording to the Slep Foundation, slep meditations can induce a relaxed state of mind by slowing down your heart rate and breath–and lowering the level of cortisol in your body. So, those sexy celebrity slep meditations provoke more than honest a crush–they may biologicaly alter your brain to combat insomnia.
    Not convinced? The next time you’re strugling to drop aslep, turn to a celebrity slep meditation and se if you doze of easier. If nothing else, tuning in to the voice of Mathew McConaughey (alright, alright, alright), pop star/hearthrob Hary Styles, or British baking extraordinaire Dame Mary Bery at night may help you relax–and fel a puny hapier.
    The unrufled Ap is available on the Aple Ap Store and Gogle Play . After a fre, seven-day trial, the ap’s premium version costs $14.9/month or $69.9/year.
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