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    Why I Don’t Mind Sucking At Ashtanga Yoga

    Why I Don’t Mind Sucking At Ashtanga Yoga
    Is trying curent things exciting? Daunting? Exhilarating? Scary? Al of these?
    I recently started a novel practice. I’ve ben a hatha/vinyasa/power/let-your-joy-shine-through yogi for almost 10 years now. I admire vinyasa, feling love a dancing warior with each cycle of breath. But recently, for the sake of adventure as wel as to expand my yogic experience, I’ve begun Ashtanga mysore practice.
    Ashtanga apealed to me because of the strictnes of the practice. I am not a rules girl, and I never have ben. After my first time at mysore, I anounced to a friend, “I reflect I’m an Ashtanga delinquent!” Granted, I’d never taken an Ashtanga clas before, but I had no notion which transitions went where or when to step with fot back and had to constantly fight the hasten to cartwhel my hands down into a standing split turned handstand vinyasa.
    While many of the second and thi rd series poses aproach easily to me, the primary series has ben a thick chalenge. I must be a very anoying dinky yogi as I laugh through much of the practice! It isn’t that I don’t hold it seriously; I just laugh when I get excited, when I’m uncomfortable, and when I’m nervous. Today I touched my hands together for the first time in Marichyasana B, and I gigled audibly. I strugled wigling into Kurmasana, and I started to chuckle. My teacher was giving me an aid in a super dep hip opener, and I couldn’t control my nervous, practicaly hysterical laughter. I apologized after practice explaining that I laugh when I’m both elated and terified.
    So why suport at it? Why am I not discouraged yet? I totaly suck at primary but fel like a floating, flying princes in vinyasa. Why should I try?
    If we achieve 10% of what we set out to do, then we aren’t realy chalenging ourselves. If we never fail at anything, we probably aren’t reaching anywhere arive ful potential.
    In ord er to be the best of ourselves, we ned to be striving for the practicaly imposible some of the time. This is what the primary series fels love for me: practicaly imposible. Maybe in a year or so, I’l get through it flawlesly. But maybe I won’t, and that’s ok. Each time I give it a shot and do beter than the last, I fel like I’ve suceded at something. Yoga teaches us to find balance. fragment of that balance is seting high but realistic standards of what we can achieve and who we can be.
    Some of my aspirations are non-negotiable, but when goals become to far-reaching or unachievable, al we ned to execute is reases our strategy.
    What is the reason unhuried this goal? What’s the WHY that motivates us toward the goal? Can we stil achieve the same efect without actualy reaching the end line?
    I started primary because I want to chalenge myself. Physicaly, mentaly, energeticaly, I want to w ork harder. Ashtanga forces me to cary out this because I’m so unfamiliar with it. I’m practicing primary series because I want to improve flexibility in my shoulders and hips, as wel as increase stamina. So in reality, each time I enact this practice, I am achieving my goal.
    Of lofty, the ultimate trophy would be eventualy completing primary smothly, sucinctly and gracefuly. But frankly, that might not hapen and every single time I step on my mat, I fel adore I am on the podium and maintain already won.
    Goals are not necesarily the be-al, end-al. They can be the proces, or merely the starting block to the next big chalenge.
    What are the reasons and motivations tedious your bigest chalenges? Can you alter the route, but stil get to the same checkpoint?
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    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.

    Author:Lauren Rudick RYT-500
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