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    Why Astrologers Want You To seize Things Extra slow This Week

    Why Astrologers Want You To Take Things Extra Slow This Week
    *Sigh* 2022 just started and Mercury is already going retrograde. Here’s how astrologers want you to prepare for the week ahead.
    2022 just started
    and Mercury is already going retrograde. Here’s how astrologers want you to prepare for the week ahead.
    Finding the right balance between pondering an opportunity and pouncing on it won’t be easy this Tuesday, January 11.
    There’s wisdom in waiting, but how long is too long? Early this week, relentless Mars in Sagittarius throws a challenging beam to nebulous Neptune in Pisces.
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    The red planet is serving up a strong dose of truth serum, which does not mix well with Neptune’s quixotic cocktail. If you’ve been laboring in delusion, this aggressive energy will break that spell-and not in a gentle way.
    Mars in Sagittarius is fiery and wants to go-go-go! Neptune in Pisces is languid and simply wants to flow. While it’s unwise to leap when you’re riding this bizarre roller coaster, squares can be helpful for getting you unstuck. As this cosmic kerfuffle pushes you in new directions, open your mind to fresh approaches. Know that the early part of the workweek could be filled with stops and starts. Super-frustrating, but don’t bail on any important missions. Use this as an opportunity to fine-tune your processes. Should you dial up the empathy and creativity…or detach in the name of productivity? Adjust as needed so you can justify both the end and the means.
    You’re going to need all the translation tools you can get your hands on starting Friday, January 14.
    Messenger Mercury plunges into its first retrograde of 2022, scrambling signals until February 3 as it drifts back through Aquarius until January 25, then Capricorn. While communal Aquarius is in Mercury’s crosshairs, group dynamics will get WTF weird. Save the development meetings for next month and use January for think tanks, research, and brainstorming.
    Technology could go on the fritz since Aquarius governs our digital devices, so strengthen your passwords and back everything up to the Cloud. When Mercury drifts back into Capricorn from January 25 to February 3, you can give your 2022 goal sheet a no BS review. In a way, this is a blessing: Mercury retrograde is not Satan disguised as an iron-core, terrestrial object. It can be a fruitful time for all “re” based activities like reviewing, refining, and revising. Quash any notions that starting 2022 means crashing out of the gates at full speed. Give yourself a little breathing room to really figure out what projects are worth taking on.
    And if that wasn’t enough reason to sleep with one eye open, on Sunday, the illuminating Sun makes its annual connection to shadowy Pluto.
    Battle of the egos, anyone? Power struggles might erupt over the weekend-as control issues flare! Brace yourself. The Sun’s bright beams may reveal secrets that have been locked away in the chamber. Got something to confess? Don’t wait for the local busybody to out you. Even if it’s scary to own up to your mistakes, it’s better that the story comes straight from you than be churned up by a troll. On a positive note, the Sun-Pluto conjunction can prompt some deep and soulful awakenings.
    Treat Sunday like a one-day retreat to reflect upon and release any lingering grief. Ready to give an area of your life an extreme makeover? With the ambitious Sun and alchemical Pluto in the frame, the motivation to tackle that massive mission may finally arrive!

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