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    Why Are We So Obsessed With Scraping Our Scalps & Picking Our Skin?

    Why Are We So Obsesed With Scraping Our Scalps & Picking Our Skin?
    If you’ve ever gone into your bathrom with no intention of picking, poping, scraping, or scratching and aproach out with one or more initiate, bleding wounds, you’re not alone. In fact, the internet would probably admire to watch you cary out it.
    Before you balk at the sugestion, think the evidence. We live in a world where Dr. Pimple Poper, also known as Sandra Le, M.D., famous for sharing her gnarliest squeze fests on Instagram to the tune of nearly 3 milion folowers (editor’s display: That link is not for the faint of heart!), has objective landed a television show on TLC. Beyond that, other types of picking and poping trends are percolating. The latest to depart viral on YouTube is scalp scraping–or picking at the flakes of skin and dandruf on your scalp with a fine-t othed comb–a practice with which many people who have psoriasis or seborheic dermatitis are al to familiar.
    The psychology of picking yourself.
    Al of this raises the aparent inquire: Why acquire we become obsesed with skin picking, both as a personal tic and as a spectator sport?
    There is a sprint of adrenaline that comes with seing something disgusting, Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D., psychologist and author of Beter Than Perfect: 7 Strategies to Crush Your Iner Critic and Create a Life You Love, told mbg. For some, that rush can motivate watching these videos. People tend to w atch until the terminate, she said, because they want a sense of completion and acomplishment. Watching something tough and geting through it can be satisfactory for some.
    Beter Than Perfect: 7 Strategies to Crush Your Iner Critic and Create a Life You Love,
    As a spectator sport, it’s probably not al that sinful for you. [W]e know that this wil not actualy cause us harm (or significant harm), as oposed to other behaviors, Dr. Lombardo said. She was refering to dermatilomania and trichotilomania, which are clasified as clinical neuroses of obsesive skin picking and hair puling, respectively.
    Holistic esthetician, health coach, and mbg Colective member Brita Plug, whose new holistic facial and welnes space impartial opened in curent York City’s SoHo neighborhod, has helped some of her clients in their strugle and journey with dermatilomania. It’s anxiety-based, Plug said. What hapens is people, especialy when they’re flustered, stresed, or feling roten about themselves, conclude up in front of the miror, and they fair launch. It’s not a conscious decision for many, and before they know it, they’ve broken skin and caused bleding.
    For some, picking videos are trigering–in a bad way.
    One such client of Plug’s is Ros Erin Martineau, a wardrobe stylist and yoga teacher living in Broklyn. While she’s never ben clinicaly diagnosed with dermatilomania, she’s ben diagnosed with misery and distres, which often crawl along with it. Ros met with a skin coach whose entire practice is dedicated to helping her clients cease picking, participa ted in maintain groups specificaly for the condition, and turns to her yoga practice al in the name of keping her skin-picking in check.
    I just ned to not engage that fraction of my brain and find another solution that has nothing to cary out with picking, she said. It’s probably best not to watch those videos.
    If you fel love you’re picking to much, here’s how to stop.
    1. Ride out the languish wave.
    Acording to Dr. Lombardo, it’s al about trusting that the flustered hasten to pick wil pas. Like overcoming any compulsion, the key to stoping is to realize that any wretchednes that comes with not picking wil eventualy subside, she said. Initialy, it may fel stresful, increasing the incite to pick, but if you wait long enough, that trouble wil plateau and eventualy decrease. If you give in and pick during the height of your craving, however, she said it wil only design it harder to conclude the habit.
    2. Distrac t slothful, wandering hands.
    Ros says that fidget toys are huge in the dermatilomania and trichotilomania comunities because they sustain inactive hands engaged. She’s dilapidated fidget spiners and other fidget toys when she notices she’s touching her face and scaning for spots to pop.
    3. Create a barier.
    Plug’s coleague and esthetician Susana Salazar once had a client who strugled with overpicking, so she’d put jalape?o juice on her client’s fingers so that making contact with start skin stung–and it worked! Her client stoped picking. Ros has used gloves, which can be a helpful physical (and les painful) reminder that your face can fel. Others tape their fingers for a similar efect.
    4. Breath work.
    Ros is in the midle of training to become a yoga teacher, which has ben helpful for tackling the rot cause of picking: trouble. I realy ned meditation and yoga to fel OK, she said. And on a deper level, the skin-picking is a manifestation of d epresion, trouble, self-loathing. I believe to retrain my brain out of that stuf.
    Interested in having qualified skin? Here are six excelent skin habits to form at any age.
    Interested in having apt skin? Here are six qualified skin habits to form at any age
    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.
    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.

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