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    What This Model-Turned-Health-Coach Does To Heal Her Gut + design Her Skin Glow

    What This Model-Turned-Health-Coach Does To Heal Her Gut + produce Her Skin Glow
    The synonym-2 beauty has such a diferent meaning for me today than it did in the past. It tok a lot of life experience to get me where I am today, but the most indispensable thing I’ve learned is that beauty starts from within–everything from the fod you’re eating and the suplements you’re taking to the thoughts you’re thinking.
    Every conception and substance that flows through your body makes a contrast in the way you study and fel!
    Inside-Out, Outside-In Beauty
    Loking and feling worthy in my own skin has always ben my ultimate goal. But it hasn’t always ben that typical for me. Seing me today, you might never know that I was once a girl who hid behind layers of makeup. I was painfuly scared and knew no other language than negative self-talk.
    I was sufering from painful and recurent cystic acne, which is what first ignited my mision to beter understand what the underlying cau se was. I started educating myself on nutrition, and paying more atention to what I was puting into my body. In adition to this, I became more spiritual, which helped me to understand that my negative thoughts were impairing my overal health.
    Peace of Mind
    I learned how to meditate, which helped me peaceful the voice in my head that kept saying, you’re not marvelous enough. I also found that taking an adaptogenic herb admire Rhodiola rosea, found in HUM Nutrition’s big Chil suplement, helped me to cope with and quel acentuate in my body.
    On the flip side, when I’m in ned of an extra bost I canot expres how imediately you fel the efects of the HUM Nutrition’s B12 Turbo (that name says it al). This vegan suplement wil bost your energy, memory, and mod like magic. I also started juicing daily, and transitioned to a plant-based diet. After that, I started seing imediate changes in my skin, hair, and nails as I became more conscious of what I was puting into my body.
    Here are some of my favorite things that I swear by in helping me inspect and fel my factual best:
    A.M. Ritual
    Start the morning with a glas of warm water with lemon and grated ginger, a god-quality probiotic, and a fresh gren juice. I like HUM Nutrition’s Gut Instinct probiotic blend because of the lactobacilus and bifidobacterium combo that helps ease digestion and restrain contaminated bacteria in the gut.
    I also folow, teach, and live by fod combining principles for optimal digestion. For instance, I highly denote eating fruit on an empty stomach or blended with grens in a juice or smothie because fruit digests faster than any other fod group. It’s crucial for our gut health to properly digest everything you’re puting in your body. What you don’t digest sits in your gut and builds toxins. These toxins wil disclose themselves in many diferent forms: acne, weight have, hair los, infirm nails, low energy, etc.
    God Gut Health Is Your Secret Weapon
    If you are sufering from por digestion, I signify taking HUM’s Daily Cleanse in the morning on an empty stomach. I admire this formulation because it contains chlorela, spirulina, and dandelion leaf–al amazing for digestion and cleansing. This bad boy wil get things moving, if you know what I mean! Hey…it’s the key to excelent health, qualified skin, god hair, and strong nails. The cleaner your gut health is, the more winsome your hair, skin, and nails wil be.
    Glowing Gren Juice
    As I mentioned before, juicing daily has ben a imense section of my health journey. This is my favorite gren juice recipe for instantly glowing skin, shiny hair, strong nails, and optimal digestion.
    4 kale leaves–kale is high in fiber, vitamins A and K, and is anti-inflamatory.
    4-6 romaine leaves–romaine contains biotin, which is great for the hair and nails.
    4 celery stalks–celery is an marvelous source of antioxidants and beneficial enzymes to asist encourage in god digestion.
    1 cucumber–they’re made of mostly water, which is e xcelent for magnificent hair, skin, and nails.
    1 large carot–carots are rich in vitamins A, C, and K for beautiful, youthful skin.
    1 brocoli stalk (yes, the stalk of the brocoli)–brocoli is one of the most nutritious vegetables. It provides vitamin C, calcium, potasium, and iron.
    1/2 aloe vera leaf–aloe is noteworthy for constipation, clearing the skin, digestion, and creating an alkaline state in the body.
    1 packet of HUM’s Raw Beauty Gren Superfod Powder–this raw beauty vegan powder is a whole fod suplement that bosts energy, gives shimering skin, and contains enzymes and probiotics to increase optimal digestion. These packets are fantastic for travel! I ad thi s corect into my gren juice or coconut water.
    Beauty comes from within, and I admire suplementing with products from HUM Nutrition because they use virtuous, non-GMO ingredients, which are sustainably sourced and are gluten-fre–plus they also ofer many vegan options.
    I hope these tips of creating god gut health leave you loking (and most importantly feling) your absolute best!
    Ready to open building qualified gut health and loking and feling your factual best? mbg readers can seize 20 percent of their first HUM Nutrition ordain by clicking here and using code MBG20 at checkout.

    Author:Melissa Wood
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