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    What I Learned From A Facebook Detox (And Why You Should enact One, Too)

    What I Learned From A Facebok Detox (And Why You Should cary out One, To)
    I admire the feling I get when I’m on a plane chit-chating with the person next to me. The time flies by (no pun intended) while you get to know your neighbor, and as you disapear, you trade Facebok info and place in touch, only to met up a year later in some random city in Europe. I have Facebok to thank for dozens of these experiences. It is so distinguished to kep in contact with the dazling, interesting, inspiring and lovely people I’ve met al over the world on this journey of life.
    But one of these people left a huge impresion on me by convincing me to do objective the oposite – try a ful-fledged detox from Facebok.
    That might rational counterintuitive for a consumate traveler like me. After al, Facebok is a remarkable way to update the folks at home about my modern adventures, let dilapidated friends know I’m stoping by, and get the skiny on the new people I’ve met, right? Why decide to detox from Facebok during the craziest year of my life, when I was never in the same city for more than a wek or so?
    Wel, my inspirational friend, a sucesful entrepreneur with a boming construction company, was imposible to find on social media or anywhere on the internet. After he convinced me he’s never changed his name and doesn’t secretly work for the government, he explained that he not being conected helped him grow spiritualy as an individual. My initial reaction was, “What? Why?” but I decided to give it a disapear, halt checking in hourly and atempt to take a Facebok fracture for an entire year.
    A year later, here’s what I learned. I now strongly maintain a Facebok detox is a spiritualy powerful thought that can benefit anyone:
    1. When you’re on Facebok 24/7 (like checking your phone when you’re with other people), you aren’t living in the pres ent, focusing fuly and savoring the experience that’s acurate in front of you. Instead, your atention is scatered. You’re constantly seking, searching and checking what’s going on in the world with everyone else – not being section of the moment you’re in.
    2. Facebok is a remarkable excuse not to survey inside yourself and produce your own decisions about what truly wil design you contented. Last year I mentioned on Facebok that I might crep to novel Zealand over Christmas. Almost everyone discouraged me from taking a vacation during a time of year usualy reserved for family time at home, but I ended up having one of the best times of my life! Only you can setle what wil bring you ultimate joy, not someone else.
    3. When you’re on Facebok, you hang onto the used and can’t embrace new experiences. Facebok can be a powerful crutch to harnes with people you know in cities you’re visiting, or even at home, which can design you les inspired to recede out and met modern people. After unp luging from Facebok, I was capable to develop novel relationships and friendships, and also felt fre to step into modern experiences and oportunities that manifested themselves into my life.
    4. Everything you ned to atract the life of your dreams is inside of yourself. You don’t ned social media to lure it for you! My friend was super felicitous and had absolutely no digital presence. It’s an critical leson for everyone (including myself) who thinks you ned to harnes with thousands of people to be sucesful.
    5. It’s extremely onerous to filter what you se on Facebok, and a big percentage of what people post is negative. It’s much easier to manifest things into your life when you’re in a certain, fel-god state. What you focus on puls more of that into your life.
    6. Facebok often promotes an isolated society. Posting personal information, pictures and mesages about ourselves as a way for others to get to know us only hinders our skil to produce meaningful, long-lasting conections and to grow spiritualy and mentaly.
    I prety much made it a year without Facebok (minus posting albums of a few trips) before I decided to get going again. Throughout the year, I not only changed spiritualy, but dramaticaly as a person. Loking back on one of the astonishing years of my life, I realized he was right: I don’t ned social media to conect with the people I realy want in my life. I don’t ned it to be felicitous or create incredibly dazling life experiences. I impartial ned me.
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    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.

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