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    What Each Sign Can Expect Under This Month’s Full Moon In Cancer

    What Each Sign Can Expect Under This Month’s Full Moon In Cancer
    We’re gearing up for the first full moon of 2022, which happens to be in Cancer. It arrives January 17 at 6:48 p.m. EST, and like any astro-event, it’ll affect everyone a little differently. Here’s how everyone will be affected by the full moon, plus the sign that can expect some relationship news, according to the AstroTwins.
    What Capricorns need to know for this full moon.
    Change is in the air under this full moon for you, Cap. According to the twins, the moon in Cancer lands in your seventh house of committed relationships. Are you waiting on a turning point in a relationship? It could very well be near. “With the spotlight on your closest ties, you’ll get clarity about which ones you want to nurture in 2022,” the twins say.
    During this full moon, make sure your relationships feel balanced and mutual. And don’t be afraid to ask for what you need, either. As the twins note, “This full moon will sit opposite Pluto in Capricorn-a prompt to get ultra-real about what you require for your personal satisfaction.” Let yourself be heard, and make sure any complaints about others are paired with an awareness of your own triggers, they suggest.
    This full moon may have you feeling domestic, Aries, falling in your fourth house of home, family, and foundations. “While you’re busy making lofty resolutions to take over the world, la luna sits you down in your favorite comfy chair for a stern but motherly chat,” the twins explain. Focus on self-care, inner child healing, and family bonds under the light of this moon.
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    With the full moon in Cancer lighting up your third house of communication and information, your mind might be abuzz right now, Taurus. The twins say you can harness this energy by getting clear on your intentions for 2022, with a potential for major insights. “This full moon can plant the seeds of important conversations and collaborations with kindred spirits that will unfold in the coming weeks,” they add.
    Productivity is the name of the game for you under this full moon, Gemini, firing up your second house of work, money, and security. This makes it a great time for setting up practical daily habits and routines. “When you land on something you’d like to do consistently, make it a regular practice, a daily devotion,” the twins say, adding, “The second house also rules values, so consider how yours have (or haven’t) changed.”
    This first full moon of 2022 just so happens to be in your sign, Cancer, and as such, your first house of beginnings and identity, as well. According to the twins, you may feel catapulted into action around a personal goal or passion project as the moon spotlights your dreams and desires-and now’s the time to roll with it! “Record your resolutions and post them somewhere visible-the fridge, your mirror-to keep them top of mind,” the twins suggest.
    Full moons are all about letting go, Leo, and that’s especially true for you this time around, as the moon lights up your 12th house of healing, closure, and transitions. The twins explain that a situation you’ve been forcing or a pattern you’ve been clinging to does not belong in this brand-new calendar year. “No amount of guilt, rationalization, or denial will prevent circumstances from putting that truth right in your face today,” they note.
    There’s no “I” in “team,” Virgo, and that couldn’t be more true for you under the light of this full moon, which lands in your 11th house of teamwork and technology. As such, the twins say, it could reveal new ways you can team up to make the daily grind easier-and a lot more interesting. “Just watch out for ego trips and power struggles, even subtle ones, because this full moon will oppose shadowy Pluto in your dramatic fifth house,” they add.
    You’re in for a stride-making full moon, Libra, as it powers up your 10th house of career, goals, and recognition. According to the twins, this energy can position you for a public role or a leadership position-and could also shed light on a relationship with an important man in your life (possibly your dad). “Expressing your feelings, either directly to him or by venting to a supportive friend, would be cathartic,” they add.
    Time to look at the big picture, Scorpio, as the full moon in Cancer lights up your expansive ninth house. The twins suggest crumpling up the sensible resolutions you halfheartedly chose a couple of weeks ago and widening your lens. “Dare to be a little unrealistic and impractical with your visions-with the full moon on your side, pushing beyond your comfort zone could reveal opportunities or perspectives you’d normally miss,” they say.
    Ready to go deep, Sagittarius? This full moon illuminates your eighth house of intimacy, privacy, and mergers, which the twins say could bring about a turning point to some of your closest bonds. “A full moon in this emotional zone can bring a lot bubbling up to the surface-to your surprise as much as everyone else’s,” they explain, adding to let those bottled-up feelings move through your system rather than stuffing them down.
    You might be feeling the healthy New Year’s spirit under this full moon, Aquarius, as it revs up your sixth house of health and organization. “Your desire for self-improvement, mapped to a solid system, could yield mega results-but don’t just focus on the superficial,” the twins say. This full moon sits opposite deep-digging Pluto in your 12th house of the subconscious, they add, so exploring a mind-body-soul connection could help you set goals that stick.
    Passions are flaring for you under the light of this full moon, Pisces, as it lights up your expressive and creative fifth house. If you’ve been bottling anything up, it could come out now, according to the twins, who note a little dramatic flair could serve you well at this time. “At its best, this fertile, flamboyant full moon can energize a relationship, awaken your inner artiste, or, for Pisces of the childbearing demographic, bring pregnancy news,” they add.
    Want to turn your passion for wellbeing into a fulfilling career? Become a Certified Health Coach! Learn more here.
    Want to turn your passion for wellbeing into a fulfilling career? Become a Certified Health Coach! Learn more here.

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