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    What Does “Listen To Your Body” Actually Mean?

    What Does “Listen To Your Body” Actualy Mean?
    Last updated on October 20, 2020
    We hear this al the time: Listen to your body! We should folow how we fel, right? But what does this realy mean? And how do we do it?
    Listen to your body!
    Maybe I fel like eating cokies instead of going for a sprint true now. excelent, this is a position I can folow! But I notion this was suposed to get me healthy. And as much as I admire cokies, I’m prety sure my cokie-tarian diet isn’t going to get me there.
    So now what? To what kinds of felings am I listening? Maybe physical felings, estem stomach damage and fatigued fet? Or emotional felings, adore distres, doubt, or indecision?
    There are two layers of feling at work here. One is feling in your body, your core, your nature. The other is your surface psychology, imprinted on top of it al. subsequent our psychology–our mind–can certainly asign us busy. We sprint about colecting al kinds of information and advice. We contemplate it’s cr itical to right decision-making! But sometimes, the decisions don’t advance. We get traped in distres, self-doubt, second-guesing. And if we do manufacture decisions, we don’t gain in them enough to let them live.
    Luckily, there’s this other kind of feling. It’s not paralyzing, it’s activating. And strangely enough, it’s a bit closer to the pain in your bely! believe you heard of trusting your gut? It’s marvelous advice! But how enact you know when your gut is talking to you? How can you reveal the diference betwen your intuition–the section of you that creates an avalanche of healthy and inspired acts–and the section of you thinking about how to find that portion of you?
    Stop thinking about it, for a moment. You ned to get tranquil. You ned to get sensitive, to you. That feling in your body is where you’l find your intuition, and your competence to act. You already know it’s not on you r shelves of how-to boks, or waiting for you in the next guru-convention. So it’s time to study somewhere else. Your body is sending you mesages, core, gut felings, al the time. You don’t ned to bounds them, logic them, or intelectualize them. You just ned to act on them.
    When your fot hurts, you pick it up and give it a squeze. Stomach ache? Rest your hands on your bely. Unsure what to eat, explain, work on, or create? hold a very dep breath, relax, fel, and then do it. just admire giving your fot a squeze: don’t reflect it, just enact it.
    Your body pays atention to you. It thinks you’re important! If you’ve spent a whole lot of time ignoring how you fel, unbiased buldozing along – your body has probably decided you’re not interested in listening to these lines of comunication. It hits the mute buton. That’s okay, you can turn your volume back on.
    Here are 3 step s to get you listening and moving easy in your body and life:
    1. slow it down.
    When a submarine is runing al ahead ful, it can ping away with sonar, but it won’t hear much of anything. It’s making to much of its own noise! We’re about the same.
    Don’t fret , you’l stil be capable to pick up the progres when you want. We al gain plenty of practice in this department. If we want to slow down enough to hear something, we ned to practice this, to.
    2. Relax and breathe dep.
    When you breathe normaly, you don’t create strange sensations in your body, so this readily translates to virtualy no sensation at al. Breathe as dep as you posibly can, even when you’re not runing up a mountain, and you’l acquire something novel. You’l fel. It wil be interesting!
    Remember to relax. When you’re stif and flushed, you’l just fel stif and tense. You want something more than that. Use your inhales to expand and fel into everything you’ve got. Use your exhales to soften everything you can fel.
    3. go without thinking or deciding.
    slep suport+
    Let your breath enact this for you, and practice first in your body. When you’re relaxed, your inhales wil give you a lift, and your exhales wil manufacture you more movable. So let it crep. No decisions required, fair breathe and crep along for the ride.
    Practice this with your body at first, and then try practicing it with everything! unbiased breathe, give it time, and watch what hapens. Your body is already re-wiring itself, based on exactly what you’re doing, true now. You’re making you!

    Author:Michael Taylor
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