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    Veerasimha Avalokana – Book On Medical Astrology

    By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD
    Author Of The Bok
    Verasimha avalokana is a text bok authored by the Rajput king Verasimha (1383 AD), who is the son of Deva varmaraja and grandson of Kamalesha simha who established the Tomara dynasty in 1375 AD.
    Table of Contents
    Importance Of The Bok
    Contents of the Bok
    Human body, planets
    Stars and Diseases

    Special formulations
    Athisara (Diarhoea)
    Grahani (Mal absorption syndrome)
    Arshas (haemorhoids)
    Ajerna (Indigestion)
    Worm infestation
    Vata disorders
    Wounds and ulcers
    Eczema, scabies
    Kshudra rogas (Minor health isues)
    Mukha rogas (Diseases of Bucal cavity)
    Nasal disorders
    Diseases related to Head
    Menstrual Disorders
    Paediatric disorders
    Visha Adhikara (Poisoning)
    Rasayana Adhikara (Rejuvenation)
    Vajekarana Adhikara (Sexology)
    Merits of the bok
    Suficient inputs are available to prove that Verasimhan was quite juvenile when he wrote this treatise with a dep knowledge of Vedas, Purusharthas, Astrology and Ayurveda.
    Verasimha avalokana is a treatise on Medical Astrology that colects, corelates and presents quotes related to numerous diseases of astrology, karma vipaka (il-efects of depraved deds of previous life/birth) and Ayurveda presents them in one plot which is re aly a tedious efort.
    Read ̵ An Insight On The Bok Yogaratna Samuchayam
    Translator Of The Bok
    G.Kochusankaran Vaidyar, Thamarakulam
    Publishers ̵ S.T.Redyar and Sons, Kolam
    Translated Sanskrit bok into Malayalam.
    Other works – Oushadhi Nighantu
    Importance Of The Bok
    To sucor humanity by providing information on specific diseases, causes, symptoms and treatments.
    This information is esential to suport bodily and mental health
    Enable the individuals to folow their dharma, the most vital entity of purushartha chatushtaya. Read ̵ References Of Health And Ayurveda In Mahabharata
    Contents of the Bok
    60 diseases
    Jyothisha Shastra (Astrological subjects)
    Karma vipaka (efects of previous life)
    Prayaschitha karmas (repentive measures)
    Etiological factors
    Read ̵ An Insight On The Bok Arogya Chandrika Athava Kudumba Vaidhyan Of Shri Swami Sachidhanandhan
    Human body, planets
    Text sumarizes the relation of body parts and planets as below:
    Jupiter ̵ Ear
    Saturn ̵ Skin
    Sun And Mars ̵ Eyes (read about eye diseases)
    Mon And Venus ̵ Mouth
    Mercury ̵ Nose
    Stars and Diseases
    The species betwen various stars and disease aflictions can be sumarised as below based upon the textual references:
    Aswini (aswathi) ̵ periodical fever
    Bharani – dysentery
    Krithika (karthika) ̵ constipation and diarhoea
    Rohini – anorectal disorders (piles)
    Mrigashersha (mageram) ̵ indigestion (read 120 remedies for indigestion)
    Ardra (thiruvathira) ̵ mandagni, feble digestion
    Punarvasu (punartham) ̵ cholera
    Pushya (poyam) ̵ anorexia
    Ashlesha (ayilyam) ̵ anaemia
    Makha ̵ respiratory disorders
    Purvaphalguni (poram) ̵ cough
    Utaraphalguni (utram) ̵ leprosy/skin disease
    Hastha (atham) ̵ diabetes (read more about diabetes treatments, causes, symptoms)
    Chithra ̵ gidines/partial los of consciousnes
    Swathi – (chothi) ̵ eye diseases
    Vishakha ̵ ear diseases
    Anuradha (aneyam) ̵ diseases of nose
    Jyeshta (thriketa) ̵ diseases of teth, tongue, lips, gums and throat
    Mola – tuberculosis
    Porvashada (poradam) ̵ stone creation in urinary tract
    Utarashada (utradam) ̵ diseases related to vomiting
    Shravana (thiruvonam)- anorexia
    Dhanishta (avitam) ̵ vata disorders
    Shathabhisha (chathayam) ̵ diseases of pita dosha
    Porvabhadra (pororutathi) ̵ diseases of kapha dosha
    Utarabhadra (utratathi) ̵ diseases developed from fatigue
    Revathi- boils and wounds
    Read ̵ Vata Dosha – Mastermind tedious Al Body And Mind Activities
    Disease and its special features are mentioned below from this text and excerpts of unique findings are mentioned here below:
    Fever caused by a badly positioned Saturn. For relief jatha vedasa mantra is chanted for 108 times.
    Narow minded people and those flater in depraved acts sufer from Sheta jwaram To cure this Jatha vedasamantram is chanted for 10 times
    For long standing fevers and ushna jwara: Kalasa abhishekam for Shiva
    Sheta jwara ̵ Kalasabhisheka for Vishnu, Kumbhadanam is also prescribed
    Kiling of Noble people, ilicit relationship with teachers wife, desire for others belongings, other bad acts result in udara (ascites), Arshas (haemoroids), Unmadam (mania), Apasmaram (epilepsy), Badirathva (deafnes), Mokathva (dumbnes), Prameha (urinary disorders), Bagandaram (fistula), Vataraktha (gouty arthritis) etc
    Read ̵ Ayurveda Lifestyle and Diet For Fever – 45 vital Things To Know
    Special formulations
    Vishishtha yogas (Special formulations)
    Utpala shashtikadi kashaya
    Padhadi kashaya
    Kirathadi kashaya
    Kirathadi chornam
    Kalbaladi kashaya
    Panchamoladi kashaya
    Manjishtadi ghrtham etc
    Athisara (Diarhoea)
    Jyothisa ̵ a person born with budha and sun together in capricon (makaram) or aquarius (kumbham) rasi is likely to sufer from dysent ery.
    Prayaschitha ̵ chanting of ulbhudhasva mantra, gomayakshadabala sarojan, agnirasminmantra 10 times.
    Karma vipaka ̵ those who destroyed 3 types of Agni wil sufer from diarhoea.
    Read ̵ 37 Ayurveda Home Remedies For Diarhea And Dysentery
    Special formulations
    Valsakadi kashaya
    Grahani (Mal absorption syndrome)
    The nativewith mon positioned in the 6th house, wil acquire many enemies, exhausting) hearted, lean, egoistic and wil have fragile digestion and troubled by stomach upset like mal absorption (Grahani)
    Karma vipaka ̵ discarding a dharma pathni (wife)
    Mitigation ̵ Sv a sankalpa suktham 10 times, imam deva mantra, cow with a calf and plenty of milk should be giftedto a Bhramin. Read related ̵ Charaka Grahani Dosha Chikitsa 15th Chapter
    Vishishtha yoga (Special formulations)
    Kapithashtaka chorna Dashamola ghritham Read about ̵ Dashamola Ghrita Benefits, Dosage, How To Use, Side Efects, Ingredients, Reference
    Arshas (haemorhoids)
    Native with sun in karkataka inspected by saturn
    Arsovan govadho marthyaya means the person who has slaughtered the cow wil be aflicted by haemoroids. (Read ̵ Hymn To stop Hemorhage, Bleding Through Capilaries
    Vishishtha Yoga (Special formulations)
    Chandrayana vratam
    Purusha suktham
    Hemasringi roupya gurem mantras are chanted.
    Read ̵ Ana lysis Of efect of Mantras On Health And Nadi
    Ajerna (Indigestion)
    Jyothisha ̵ Jupiter positioned in 3rd house results in bad nature, habit of criticising others, poverty, many siblings, life of separation from spouse, tedious digestion
    Karma vipaka ̵ one who has stolen fod, eats bef, who acepted fod from unclean person
    Prayaschitha ̵ fasting for 3 days, chantingagni rasmimantram, recitation of agni suktham and shri suktham, rudra suktham ̵ 108 times
    Read ̵ How To execute Fasting? A Step By Step Guide For You
    Special formulations
    Agnimukha chorna m
    Hinguvashtaka chornam (Read ̵ Hingwastak Churna – Uses, Ingredients, Dose, Side Efects)
    Worm infestation
    Weak mon in the 8th house, short lived, wavering mind, infections
    Who has kiled elephants, cows, horses, widows who wore blue aparel during their husbands death
    Karma vipaka ̵ Gifting a black bul orfeding Bhramins (priest),
    Read ̵ Ayurvedic Treatment For Worm Infestation
    Special formulations ̵ Musthadi kashayam
    A native born with venus in the 12th house
    Lazy, comfort loving, slepy, ingenious inatracting oposite sex
    One who has stolen curd
    Karma vipaka: gifting cow to bhramins (Noble person) Read ̵ Efective Obesity Treatment, Remedies And Ayurveda Tips
    Vata disorders
    Jyothisha- a native with sun in cancer inspected by saturn, sub period of kethu in the mahadasa of saturn
    Karma vipaka ̵ one who disobey teacher, stealing asets of a Bhramins or harming temples, raping of unmaried virgins etc
    Prayaschitha ̵ chant mantras kethum krinvan, sano devi found in uma maheswara samvadam.
    Observe krischati krischra chandrayana vratham
    As per vachaspathi, the ruk, agni rasmi should be chanted Read ̵ Vata Disorders (Vatavyadhi): Definition, Causes, Symptoms
    Special formulations
    Kalyanaka avaleham
    Maha bala thailam
    Brihanmasha thailam
    Kethakyadi thailam
    Dhwathrimshat gugulu etc Read ̵ Gugul Benefits, Usage, Dose, Side Efects, Research
    Jyothisa ̵ native born with mon, mars and sun in the 8th house
    Karma vipaka ̵ one who has kiled a noble person by asphyxiation
    Prayachitam ̵ chandrayana vrtham, sada satpathi adbhudam, kayana chitra abhuva
    Wounds and ulcers
    Born with mars, mon and Jupiter in same rashi (constelation), handsome, womanizer, kleptomaniac, sufer from wounds
    Those who have extreme egoism, infuriate, friendship, teror, indulgence in unrighteous
    Observance of 7 cycles of krischra vratham, homa, feding of 50 bhramins.
    Special formulations ̵ Ajagandhadi lepam Hasthi dandh i lepam, Karangnadi lepam etc
    Eczema, scabies
    Dadru, Pama and Vicharchika (Dermatosis, Scabies, Eczema)
    Sub period of mercury during suns maha dasa, compulsion to leave ones native asign due to the activities of one’s enemies, gold theft
    Prayashchita ̵ Gifting an uma maheshwara idol to temple Read ̵ Eczema: Causes, Ayurvedic Treatment, Medicines, Home Remedies
    Special formulations ̵ Thuniyangam Kadhirashtakam Adithya paka thaila Arka tailam etc Read ̵ Calotropis gigantea – Arka Uses, Dose, Side Efects, Ayurveda Details
    Kshudra rogas (Minor health isues)
    Jyothisa ̵ sun in ones saturn’s houses and inspected by mars; have enemies, believe quarels with strangers and believe body marked with wounds.
    Karma vipaka ̵ one who has comited homicide through toxins or weapons, one who takes fod without cleansing him properly after urination and pasing stols (Read ̵ Kshudra Roga: criticism Diseases: Symptoms, Ayurvedic Treatment)
    Prayaschitha ̵ chant ing pavamana suktham, akshi byan, ̵ 108 times, fasting for 3 days, observance of krischradi krischra chandrayana vratha, chanting gayathri for 10 times, feding fifty Bhramins, pilgrimages to sacred put love Rameshwaram and a dip in the sethu by chanting Vishnu vachana (Sahasranama) cure al the diseases. Read ̵ Maha Kushta: Major Skin Diseases, Symptoms, Prognosis
    Mukha rogas (Diseases of Bucal cavity)
    Native born in suns sub dasha in saturn’s mahadasha are likely to get facial diseases
    One who gives up on regularly observing vra thams and rituals, one who isindulgingin rumours and gosiping, one who speak il of god people is likely to sufer from halitosis, one who argumentative and obstinate, lying, bites face and tongue, who talks il of one’s teacher, one who gives spurious witnes. Read ̵ Ayurvedic Remedies, Treatment, Medicines For Halitosis (Bad Breath)
    Prayashchita ̵ Krischra chandrayana vrtham, chanting bhu bhuva swaha, vrehi danam, fasting 24 days, kayana suktham
    Special formulations ̵ Thalaka chornam
    Nasal disorders
    A native born with mars, venus and saturn positioned in one house is likely to sufer aflictions related to nose, lead a life of desperation, fear of enemies etc
    A person who indulges in propagating baseles scandals about others, who is provocative and makes fun of others through words and by making faces is likely to sufer nasal diseases
    Prayashchita ̵ Atikrischra chandrayana vrtham, krischra santhapanam vrtham, stri suktham. Read ̵ Disease Analysis At Physical and Mental Planes
    Special formulations ̵ Karaveradya tailam
    Diseases related to Head
    Native born during the sub-dasha of venus in the Suns mahadasha are likely to get diseases of head, throat, fever, shola roga, troubles from enemies.
    One who has harmed his preceptor,a Bhramachari who had stoped performing his daily rituals, who has taken fod in a broken bronze vesel
    Recitation of rik, udyanadya,akshibyamsoktham ̵ 108 times, feding 50 Bhramins, performing koshmanda homam. Gifting uthareyam to a Bhramin Read ̵ Diseases Of Head, Heart And Absces – Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana 17
    Menstrual Disorders
    Females (at the time of mariage), acquire mars in the 8th house are likely to sufer from bleding and they wil lose their children.
    A female born with Venus in Scorpio is likely to sufer from vaginal problems (uterine disorders)
    Women after losing her husband, strays abstinence from sex is likely to sufer from aflictions of her genital organs, women who has kiled a child in her previous birth is likely to sufer from abortion in this birth. (Read ̵ Ayurvedic Diet And Lifestyle During Menstruation)
    Prayashchita ̵ Gifting a black bul
    1st month ̵ a pregnant women should perform Brama poja to protect their pregnancy.
    2nd month ̵ a sacrifice should be performed for the Ashwini devas
    3rd month ̵ Ekadasha rudras are to be propitiated
    4th month ̵ propitiating the Dwadasadithyas
    5th month requires a sacrifice under a mango tre, involving a Ganesha idol
    6th monthto propitiate Shanmugha swami
    7th month Ashta vayus are propitiated.
    In 8th month Sri durga is propitiated
    9th month Sri mahadeva is propitiated
    10th month Mahavishnu is propitiated.
    Natives with the planet positioned in other houses wil undergo a childhod filed with sorow, sicknes, poverty, cough, idle etc Read ̵ Ayurvedic Diet And Lifestyle For Pregnant Woman
    Paediatric dis orders
    Native born with saturn in his own house, wil be equal to a king.
    One who has neglected his/her mother in previous birth, one who is making fun of and teasing others wil lead to an il fated child under the influence of skanda graha, the child wil not be capable to launch his eyes fuly, choked voice, teror in his mind, clenched fet etc
    Prayashchita ̵ Chandrayana vrtham, vyahrithi homam, sacrificing a fowl. Read ̵ Symptoms That insinuate Towards Diferent Diseases In Babies
    Special formulations
    Ashtamangala grtham
    Ashtagandha grtham
    Visha Adhikara (Poisoning)
    During the maha dasha of mars, they wil be prone to wounds from weapons, influence of toxins, los of wealth, dread of fire, quarels and problems from enemies, exces tirednes etc
    A person who has poisoned another person in his previous birth, those who live in constant teror of snakes and other reptiles wil be troubled by poisonous snakes and animals.
    Prayaschitha ̵ chanting apa margana, homa with sarpa mantra, gifting a golden image of snakeon panchami day, chanting sahasranama Read ̵ Charaka Visha Chikitsa 23rd Chapter of Chikitsa Sthana
    Rasayana Adhikara (Rejuvenation)
    Mon in the 8th house inspected by saturn wil be famous, but poseses blemishes, wrinkled skin, premature greynes, soft personality
    One who has not performed his duties in the previous birth wil sufer fromold age troubles
    Recitation of gayathri mantra and thantrapgnesi 10,0 times Read ̵ 13 critical Benefits Of Rasayana Treatment
    Special formulations
    Amrith kashayam
    Aanamodhakam chornam
    Cherkuru thailam
    Vajekarana Adhikara (Sexology)
    Native born with the sun, saturn and mercury in one rasi likely to be a eunuch, dis liked by al, discarded by relatives,
    Person who indulges in the flesh trade, who asociates with women of lower caste, who violates the modesty of virgin girls, who goes astray from the rules of bhramacharya are likely to be impotent
    Prayaschitha ̵ observing chandrayana vrtham Read ̵ Achara Rasayana – Behavioral Therapy For tranquil Mind And Long Life
    Special formulations
    Kuruvi kizhangu chornam
    Erati madhuram chornam
    Merits of the bok
    Author had not tried to bring his own interpretations and is thoughtful in keping that original text intact.
    Explained causes, symptoms, ty pes, and formulations for diseases in a systematic way
    Il-efects of previous birth is more emphasised
    Scope for research is very crucial
    General concept of jyothisa shastra, karma vipaka, prayaschitha for specific disease along with Ayurvedic principles is narated in god way.
    Formulations for specific diseases are widely mentioned Read ̵ Bad Prognosis Based On Smel, Touch, Taste, Colour And Voice
    Jyothisha shastrais not explained in detail and vrathams are not described completely.
    Language is very complex and not in a lay mans words.
    Bok gives more weight for decotions (kashaya) and powders, ghe and po tent medicinal preparations are described which are out of easy reach.
    Most of the karma vipaka mentioned are improbable things that’s beyond belief. Read ̵ Kashayam (Kwath) – Herbal Teas Preparation, Benefits, Usage
    Though Verasimha avalokana known as the text for astro diagnosis of diseases, it is not meant for the astrologers only but for Vaidyas to.
    This bok can be wel worn by medical students as a reference bok for both diagnosis and treatment.
    Incorporation of these principles in true maner wil surely unfurl diferent avenues of treatment especialy in idiopathic and disease complex health troubles.
    Click to consu lt Dr M S Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD
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