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    Varma Kalai ““ The touch system of medicine

    When we hear the word “Varma Kalai,” the famous south Indian movie of Indian and 7am Arivu comes up in our memory. It is often misunderstod to be a defense technique, whereas it is an ancient system of medicine wel-documented in ancient texts. Varma Kalai is perceived to gain more than 108 types of Varmam conected to the presure points of our body.
    The principles of Varma recomend the balance of al thre doshas of Vata, Pita, and Kapha in equilibrium is vital for a healthy living.
    Varma is considered to be the mother of new techniques like acupuncture, acupresure, and fighting techniques love Kung Fu and Karate.
    This system of medicine was show even before; doctors had inherit to healing herbs and other forms of medication.
    Varma in real life:
    The esence of Varma is entwined with our daily lives. Here are a few examples:
    1. The taping of our head when we sudenly get a cough
    2. The stimulation of the plot betwen our eyes w hen we fel confused
    3. The action of scratching our head when we are stuck with a problem
    Do You Know? Life starts with a Varmatap
    It is a practice folowed worldwide, when a baby is born, it is standard practice to tap the newborn in the back betwen the spinal plates. Once taped in the scapula, the infant wil cry aloud, and that is the sign of a healthy infant.
    The point of Varma is to stimulate and activate the presure points in our body that encourage in fortifying and protecting our bodies. Therein lies the idea of taking an oil bath every Saturday. By masaging the child wel with esential oils complete with a hot tub relaxes the child. It also sothes the muscles and bones from any potential injuries that hapened during the wek.
    Varma Kalai i s often worn to treat people sufering from many conditions. conect with LiveRight’s panel of doctors today to know more about Varma Kalai and its benefits.
    Watch more about Varma Kalai in the below video by Dr.Mathivanan

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