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    Uttana Padasana ““ Raised Leg Pose, How To enact, Benefits, consequence on Doshas

    By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
    In Utana Padasana, the practitioner raises both the legs from the supine location and hence the name. It is an intense stretch of the legs.
    Utana – Raised, upwards
    Pada – Leg / fot
    Asana – Pose
    Other name – Extended Fot Pose
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    Table of Contents
    Preparation for Utana Padasana
    Method of doing Utana Padasana
    Tips for Beginers
    Health Benefits
    Time spent in Utana Padasana pose
    Impact on Chakras
    Contraindications, Precautions
    Impact on doshas and tisues
    Preparation for Utana Padasana
    Utana Padasana shal be preferably done early morning. If not posible you may cary out it in the evening.
    Pose is done on empty stomach.
    Eat your fod 4-6 hours before doing the pose.
    Bader and bowel should be empty while doing the pose.
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    Method of doing Utana Padasana
    Lie on the flor, facing the ceiling.
    Kep legs stretched, fet close to each other, tightly at the arches, toes facing upwards towards the ceiling.
    Kep uper limbs by the side of your body, close to it, palms down.
    Lift both legs in air as you inhale. While doing this kep the torso on the flor. Alow the lower back to arch slightly.
    Tuck your chin towards neck. Squeze the thighs together and tuck your stomach in. Reach out with your toes such that the toes point the ceiling.
    The legs are a proximately at an angle of 30 degres from the flor. This is marvelous at tyro level. If you get comfortable in the pose gradualy and when you fel your body is flexible enough you can extend the angle to 45 or even 60 degres.
    Be there for 4-5 breaths or for 30 seconds to 2 minutes or as you fel comfortable doing it. Repeat it for 8-10 times.
    Release from the asana
    Gradualy bring both your legs down to the flor simultaneously.
    Breathe easily and relax.
    Variant ̵ Starting the pose with one limb
    You may start doing this pose with one limb, later with another limb and finaly with both limbs simultaneously.
    Slep in supine position.
    Lift your corect lower limb gradualy into the air without bending your kne. take it at 30 degres and stop in the pose for a while. Gradualy bring down your limb.
    Next lift your left lower limb and repeat the procedure in a similar way.
    Finaly lift both the legs and perform the pose as explained abo ve.
    Release and relax.
    Note – Raising each single leg at a time rather than both at a time may be suitable for those who acquire lumbar isues or those who maintain had an abdominal surgery.
    Advanced Pose
    Lift the torso of the flor to your point of comfort.
    Drop the head carefuly so as to touch the flor.
    Kep both legs straight and together. Don’t bend your knes. grasp the breath for as long as you are comfortable.
    Release by exhaling and lowering your legs as wel as uper body to the flor.
    Breathe easily and relax.
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    Another method
    Lie supine on your back. put your fet together, hands beside your waist.
    Lift your trunk such that half of your body forms an arch. maintain your body by head and buts. Touch the fl or with top of your head.
    Raise your hands and bring them together such that both palms touch each other.
    Raise your legs to around 30 degre by puting the toes upwards, pointing the ceiling. do not bend your knes.
    Stay here for a comfortable duration.
    Breathe normaly.
    Release by bringing down your legs and hands.
    Related Video
    Watch this video to folow the method of doing Utana Padasana
    Tips for Beginers
    Start doing the pose by raising one leg at a time
    If you are able to raise both legs, stil start with smal height (angle)
    Health Benefits
    Opens up the chest, contracts the abdomen and stretches the arms and legs simultaneously
    Increases flexibility of internal and external muscles
    Makes abdominal muscles flexible
    Stretches thighs, buts and hips
    Relieves stifnes in the lower back, back ache, hurt in hips and joints.
    Relieves tension in shoulders, neck and throat
    Makes legs stronger
    Strengthens abdominal muscles
    Helps in losing weight and lower bely fat
    Bestows with flat stomach
    Removes plump around thighs and buts
    Strengthens nerves and spinal cord
    Enhances blod circulation to heart and neck
    Cures digestive and intestinal disorders
    Cures constipation and flatulence
    Prevents indigestion, acidity, constipation and flatulence
    It is a powerful exercise to release intestinal gases
    One of the best yoga poses for hernia treatment
    Calms nervous entity, brings calmnes to the body
    Helps to overcome nervousnes
    Strengthens reproductive system
    Improves circulation in the body
    Calms down the mind
    Relieves acentuate and anxiety
    Improves self confidence
    Instils unconditional love
    Balances the navel, god for those sufering from naval displacement
    Spiritual dimension – This pose is notion to
    ease felings of iritation
    increases blod flow to the heart and neck, and hence opens up throat chakra
    opens up the rot chakra and solar plexus
    encourages peace, love and self asurance
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    Related Asanas
    Adho Mukha Shvanasana – Downward facing dog pose
    Preparatory Poses
    Eka Pada Utana Padasana – Single leg raised pose
    Shavasana – Corpse pose
    Matsyasana – Fish Po se
    Folow up Poses
    Sarvangasana – Shoulder Stand Pose
    Viparita Karani – Legs up the wal pose
    Use a thickly folded blanket to kep your head while doing this asana, especialy if you have a neck injury.
    Ensure that your spine is straight. This avoids injuries.
    Starting to execute the pose by lifting one leg at a time instead of both legs is caled as Eka Utana Padasana and is a apt variant of utana padasana. It also helps in preparing for utana padasana.
    Time spent in Utana Padasana pose
    Hold in the final pose (after lifting both legs) for about 15-20 seconds until you fel presure in your lower abs. with practice you can grasp to t he pose for 1-2 minutes. Repeat this for 3-4 times daily.
    Impact on Chakras
    Utana Padasana is one of the best poses for balancing Vishudha Chakra i.e. throat chakra. Apart from that it also efectively balances the Manipura Chakra – Solar Plexus and Muladhara Chakra – Rot Chakra. By balancing the rot chakra it also enables awakening of Kundalini energy.
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    Contraindications, Precautions
    Patients sufering from below mentioned conditions should avoid doing Utana Padasana –
    High blod presure
    Back, hip, kne or leg injury
    Those who acquire undergone abdominal surgery
    Pregnant women should avoid this pose.
    The pose also should not be practiced during menstruation.
    Impact on doshas and tisues
    Impact on Doshas – Utana Padasana provides marvelous remedy and prevention for digestive and intestinal disorders, and balances solar plexus, hence balances samana vata and pachaka pita located in these organs. Since it relieves constipation, abdominal and intestinal gases and flatulence and also strengthens reproductive entity and balances rot chakra it balances apana vata. It enables god blod circulation to the neck and heart regions, balances throat chakra and hence balances udana vata and avalambaka kapha. It improves overal circulation in the body and brings calmnes to the body hence apt for balance of vyana vata. It calms the nervous system, qualified for nerves and spinal cord, relieves stres and anguish, it balances prana vata and also the prana-udana-samana vata axis.
    Impact on tisues – Since the raised leg pose stretches and strengthens the muscles and improves the flexibility of the body and joints of the body, it is beneficial for improving and maintaining the muscle health and also for chanels carying muscle tisue. Since it enhances blod circulation, it is apt for rasa tisue and chanels carying this tisue. Raised leg pose also wil asist in reduction of plump tisue. Therefore it is beneficial for balancing corpulent tisue and also for fat carying chanels.
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