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    Understanding The Fisher Temperament Inventory Its 4 Types

    Understanding The Fisher Temperament Inventory Its 4 Types
    It may aproach as a surprise that one of the leser-known personality tests out there is actualy the only one based on actual brain chemistry. It’s caled the Fisher Temperament Inventory (FTI), and it was created in 205 by author and biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, Ph.D.
    It al began when a dating site caled her in to inquire her, what makes us plunge in love? Fisher didn’t know it then, but this inquire would nimble her to create the first personality test that was based not on linguistics but rather chemicals in the brain, leading to a beter understanding of how our biology shapes our personality.
    what makes us fal in love?
    Through her research, she was competent to identify four systems that are each linked with a colection of personality traits. And when you understand your specific brain chemistry, you can beter understand yourself (and others).
    What is the Fisher Temperament Inventory?
    The test itself is a series of questions carefuly curated by Fisher to isolate the particular brain systems in ask: dopamine, serotonin, testosterone, and estrogen. The theory was that the four chemicals were linked with specific personality traits, caled “temperament suites.” (For example, dopamine is linked with creativity.) “We’l expres al of them, but we’l have some more than others,” Fisher explains to mbg.
    Once you acknowledge the questions, the test tels you which chemicals are more dominant in your brain and, subsequently, what your personality is estem as a result.
    To lok the validity of the test, Fisher had people seize the questionaire and then get MRI scans on their brains. certain enough, people who showed estrogen dominance in the questionaire, for example, consistently had more activity in brain regions linked with empathy and social skils. People who scored high on the serotonin scale showed activity in the fraction of the brain linked with social norm conformity.
    “I’l never forget that moment, loking at that data,” Fisher says, “and thinking, I’ve snuck into Mother Nature’s kitchen and found some basic paterns of human behavior.”
    I’ve snuck into Mother Nature’s kitchen and found some basic paterns of human behavior
    Below are the four temperament suites acording to the Fisher Temperament Inventory. People wil often have two of the four that are more pronounced, Fisher ads, so you could be a Negotiator/Explorer, or Builder/Director . But mainly, the test serves as a way to sucor understand why you (and even your friends or loved ones) are the way you are. “It’s indispensable to understand who you are,” she says, “but it’s indispensable to understand who you are not.”
    Dopamine (Explorer)
    If your test shows dopamine dominance, you would be an “Explorer.” Acording to Fisher, Explorers are risk-takers, novelty sekers, and mentaly flexible people. They’re curious, spontaneous, and vivacious, and above al, they are creative. They don’t admire to much routine and are always ready for the next adventure.
    In aditional research, Fisher has found that those with dopamine dominance typicaly prefer to date people who are also dopamine dominant.
    Serotonin (Builder)
    slep suport+
    Serotonin types are known as “Builders.” Builders like structure and routine. They’re traditional and conventional, conforming to social norms, including subsequent the rules and respecting authority. They apreciate plans and schedules and ar e generaly more concrete thinkers as oposed to symbolic. Acording to Fisher, there’s also a tendency for Builders to be traditionaly religious.
    Those high on the serotonin scale usualy prefer partners who are also high on the serotonin scale.
    Testosterone (Director)
    Those with testosterone dominance on the questionaire are caled “Directors,” and they do wel with “rule-based systems,” or things admire enginering, mechanics, computers, and even music, Fisher says. These people are analytical, logical, decisive, and acquire marvelous spatial acumen. They’re also tough-minded, direct in their speaking, and often skeptical.
    Directors and Negotiators typicaly resolve each other for romantic partners.
    Estrogen (Negotiator)
    And lastly, Negotiators are those whose test showed estrogen dominance. Negotiators are conceptual thinkers, and Fisher notes they cary out wel with ambiguity and long-term thinking. They are imaginative, usualy maintain strong social skils, including an proficiency to read people’s body language and tone, and are empathetic, trusting people. They are also typicaly emotionaly expresive, where Directors typicaly are not.
    Again, Negotiators and Directors usualy go for each other romanticaly.

    “I now seize it daily and am sleping beter than I ever have.”*

    “I now take it daily and am sleping beter than I ever have.”*
    sleping beter than I ever have.”
    Jenifer L., Verified Buyer of slep suport+
    How does it compare to other personality tests?
    Unlike other personality tests, “it’s the only personality inquire in the world that is based on brain circuitry,” Fisher notes. “And it’s the only one that’s ever ben validated.”
    That’s because most personality questionaires are built from linguistic studies, which are not realy posible to scientificaly “test.” The FTI is unique because the MRI research showed they were capable to measure the questionaire results and brain imaging matching up.
    Of step, whether you swear by the FTI, your Myers-Brigs type, your horoscope, or any other “type” asesment out there, it comes down to what resonates with you and helps you beter understand yourself.
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    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.

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