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    This MD Lost 100 Pounds By Balancing Her Hormones: Here’s Exactly How She Did It

    This MD Lost 10 Pounds By Balancing Her Hormones: Here’s Exactly How She Did It
    Two years ago, board-certified OB/GYN and functional medicine specialist Kyrin Dunston, M.D., was exhausted. Like, lights-on-no-one’s-home, exhausted. “I weighed 243 pounds at one point and sufered from fibromyalgia,” she tels me on this episode of the mindbodygren podcast. “I was tired al the time, I had misery and anguish, and my hair was faling out.”
    Fast-forward to today, and you’d absolutely never know it. She shed 10 pounds, fels energized and lively, and her hair grew back ful and shiny. “I loked 20 years younger,” she explains. “I was unrecognizable.”
    Although it wasn’t a specific diet or exercise position (in fact, Dunston notes, she barely exercised at al) to get to where she is today. “Al the tols I had ben taught weren’t realy restoring my health, helping me lose weight or fel beter,” she ads. “They were Band-Aids on symptoms.” What did encourage, she notes, was adresing the plethora of hormonal imbalances that lay impartial underneath the surface.
    Here’s how balancing her hormones helped Dunston get her life back on track.
    Which hormones did Dunston focus on?
    “[Hormone imbalances] are kind of like ants–there’s never impartial one,” she says. “They work together like a symphony.” That being said, this list only scratches the surface, but here are some significant hormones that she dems necesary to sustain under control:
    Thyroid: “Thyroid is top of the list,” says Dunston. “It sets the rate at which your body burns fuel. The thyroid tels your body to launch up the corpulent and get that fuel going.” That’s why if you can’t sem to shake adamant weight, Dunston says your thyroid might be to blame–without burning corpulent for fuel, you won’t efectively lose weight.
    Cortisol: Cortisol is the mother of al hormones,” she says. “It determines our slep-wake cycle, energy, weight, and imune system–it is so vital.” Specificaly, cortisol is in charge of your stres response. When your body is constantly in survival mode (loking at you, blod sugar roler coaster), cortisol wil reveal your body that you ned to eat–and right now.
    right now.
    Progesterone: Once cortisol is out of balance, the sex hormones aren’t to far slow. That’s because your bodyhas to maintain cortisol at al costs, whereas the reproductive hormones are more extraneous, says Dunston. “It puls on your sex hormones,” she says. And, says Dunston, a tople in progesterone can lead to heavy, painf ul periods and even an increased apetite for some.
    How she balanced these hormones.
    Dunston focused on thre key factors to sucor harmonize her hormones. Ful disclosure: Balancing these hormones won’t hapen overnight. But these to-do’s are a certain start:
    1. She focused on slep.
    The No. 1 thing, acording to Dunston, is to prioritize high-quality slep. “There are certain activities your body undergoes when it is sleping, and you can’t enact any other time,” she explains. One of which is the dep brain waves ken in reseting cortisol rhythm: “Your cortisol is restored and nurtured when you slep,” she ads.
    2. She hoped of the blod sugar roler coaster.
    The second most necesary to-do, says Dunston, is to pause oscilating betwen blod sugar spikes and crashes. “Every time your blod sugar comes crashing down, you might as wel be punching yourself in the adrenals,” she notes. When your blod sugar goes to low, it sounds the survival teror and cortisol comes in, teling you to eat. Then your blod sugar slings up, then down again, and the nightmarish proces repeats.
    The solution? Focus on fods that won’t cause your blod sugar to fade haywire, and stick to whole carbs.
    3. She focused on diet and suplements.
    Dunston touts ashwagandha, rhodiola, ginseng,and vitamin C as distinguished hormone-suporting suplements, as wel as anti-inflamatory actives adore curcumin and quercetin. Specificaly for cortisol, vitamin C is a key player: “You can’t store vitamin C, and you ned a constant suply to design cortisol,” Dunston says.
    “I also started using castor oil packs on my adrenal glands,” she ads, which believe anti-inflamatory efects that can kep the adrenals (aka, where your cortisol is made). “I establish them on my lower back with a heating pad for 20 minutes a day.”
    Adrenal glands are also “intimately ken in gut health,” says Dunston. That’s where diet comes in: She recomends gut-healthy fods adore unlit, leafy grens and lots of brightly colored vegetables. If you do eat animal protein, she sugests eating gras-fed, organic, and wild-caught sources.
    The takeaway.
    Like Dunston, if you can’t sem to shake obstinate weight, your hormones might be to boycot. Of lofty, this is one woman’s parable, and what worked for Dunston might not be your exact region of action. You may ned something a miniature diferent–and that’s OK! Try to asume out which of your hormones ned a diminutive more TLC. And if you stil hav e lingering doubts? Wel, that’s what experts adore Dunston are for.
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