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    This Historical novel Is A Must-Read For Every nasty Woman

    This Historical recent Is A Must-Read For Every macabre Woman
    You’ve probably heard the term Mata Hari at some point in the past–most likely describing a mysterious woman, a risky woman, a sensual woman. Somewhat les ubiquitous is the parable of the woman named Mata Hari–the woman who defined exoticism and scheme and, some would explain, died for it.
    Mata Hari
    But with Paulo Coelho’s latest endeavor, The Spy, the life of “one of history’s most enigmatic women” is drawn in sharp, sparkling detail. The inspiringly independent choices that led Margaretha Zele to become Mata Hari, to earn her living as an exotic dancer in Paris, and to involve herself in the volatile transfer of wartime comunications are also the choices that fabricate her a paragon of feminine empowerment and independence–although she paid for her radicalism in the end.
    The Spy
    In this excerpt, our heroine loks back on her life with melancholy, wistfulnes, and fawning as she marches toward a definite end–though even her final musings are shot through with fragile shadows of hope.
    Mata Hari would be the first to tel you she did not live a perfect life. She was no saint. But then, how much beter is a life spent making mistakes than a life spent doing nothing?
    Perhaps her yarn holds the answer.
    The Spy

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