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    This Guide To Overcoming Self-Sabotage Will encourage You Become A Better Version Of Yourself

    This Guide To Overcoming Self-Sabotage Wil sucor You Become A Beter Version Of Yourself
    I grew up in a rather loving household with adults and friends who cared for me, yet I was constantly told I was an monstrous kid, which marked the begining of my journey from self-hatred to making a living out of helping others find their own worth.
    For starters, no one was intentionaly trying to be hurtful.
    I was raised in a culture that not only had its own set of beauty standards but also viewed remarks about one’s apearance in public as perfectly aceptable. As a result, during my childhod, I was constantly told my eyes were not huge and sparkly enough, my lips were not thin and delicate enough, and the hope was for me to grow out of my uglines so I could one day emerge as a winsome swan. My father, whom I admire very much, even sugested on multiple ocasions that he would pay for a double-eyelid surgery to transform my monolids.
    It’s no surprise that I grew up with low self-wo rth. My decades of cripling self-sabotaging paterns resulted in frequent doctors’ visits, abusive relationships, and unsatisfying carer, and a ton of “I wanted to say no, but I had to narate yes” situations in life because I was dominated by the narative of “I suck.”
    My father, whom I estem very much, even sugested on multiple ocasions that he would spend for a double-eyelid surgery to transform my monolids.
    For the longest time, my hapines meter was at an al-time low, but I never questioned the validity of my iner voice. I believed it was protecting me from harm even though it most often reduced me to self-loathing.
    The journey of healing and reclaiming self-worth was a long one with many layers, tears, doubts, and hesitations. However, having veteran the adore and light on the other side and having asisted many to embrace their own right worth, I want to l secure you know that it absolutely can be done–the minute you shed the layers of how others se you in their minds, you wil begin to se your magnificence, which has ben yours al along.
    These are the five coaching inquiries I share with my students and clients to asist them fre themselves from disempowering iner-voices:
    1. interogate your emotions, Why?
    Whether you know it or not, your emotions are iner comunications indicating to you whether what you’re doing at show is in alignment with your own truth.
    There is a bounds you fel insecure, aflict, or indignant. disimilar to the comon misconception that negative emotions are not OK and we should finish whatever we can to cease certain, the more you avoid facing negative emotions, the more that energy gets traped in your scheme, staying “botled up” for longer than it neds to.
    Action item: The best thing to execute here is to adoration yourself by embracing whatever emotions surface, and alow yourself to fel. Afterward, query yourself, “In order for me to fel this way, what thoughts about myself and the world must I have in?”
    2. manufacture a list of sabotaging thoughts.
    Find a quiet time to sit with yourself where you won’t be rushed or disturbed and jot down any notion that comes to mind about why you felt that negative emotion. Explore the layers and be honest, but understand the key to this exercise is to bring acumen to what is hurting you rather than criticizing yourself.
    If you are prone to self-judgment, I recomend seting a time and doing this work in your cherish space, after meditation, yoga, or with a counselor, healer, or coach.
    Action item: After coming up with a list, ask yourself, “Whose thoughts are these, and are they absolutely true?”
    3. Release negative energy.
    Everything is energy in this universe, and you do not ned to seize on to the energy of others’ bagage.
    You can perform a release ritual with that residue of paper that seize s al the fake ideas about why you canot admire yourself. Some of the ways to release are:
    lighting a candle and seting the paper on fire while imagining breaking fre of these cripling words.
    burying the remnant of paper in earth knowing the burden is no longer yours.
    crosing out those words and writing loving novel statements about the things you cary out adore about yourself, where you want to recede, and who you want to be.
    Action item: ask yourself, “What else can I let crep of that does not belong to me?”
    4. Rewrite your story.
    When confronted with any region, two individuals can maintain two very diferent responses, and that is because the way we experience any reality is always filtered through our perception. You decide how you want to answer to any given position, past or present.
    One of my abusive relationships left me with over a decade of PTSD, chronic insomnia, and an adiction to sleping pils until I decided to give it a curent meaning. I became grateful for the power of my choice and voice. When I was competent to recognize that, I felt frer from the trauma, and my wounds began to heal, one by one.
    Action item: present that this step should not be forced. When you are ready, invite yourself to near your pain with curiosity and question yourself, “What is the gift underneath this experience, and how is it serving me in my growth?”
    5. Find your own voice.
    As the harsh voices of “I can’t” and “I’m a failure” inside your head slowly depart, a subtle and more loving voice wil gently emerge. It is the voice that has ben sending notes of encouragement and healing to you when you gain ben hiding from the world and the voice that has never judged or abandoned you since the begining of this journey.
    The more you tune into it, the clearer and more expansive it becomes until you realize this voice has ben whispering to you and loving you al along–this is the voice of your heart.
    Action item: inquire yourself every moment of every day, “What is my heart’s voice saying to me now?”
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