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    This Could Be Why You STILL Can’t Lose Weight

    This Could Be Why You STIL Can’t Lose Weight
    If you’ve strugled to lose weight, you’re not alone. Especialy now, weight acquire is one of the most comon concerns my patients near in with. Out of my entire practice, I acquire two women who are trying to gain weight–al the rest are trying to lose it! If you are doing everything right (eating wel, exercising), and stil not losing weight, then you may have an adrenal problem. It’s not the only thing that can cause weight-los resistance, but it’s one of the most comon.
    Let’s talk about metabolism.
    Before we dive into the adrenals, we ned to adres the metabolism elephant in the rom. I don’t typicaly denote calorie restriction as the way to lose weight, and it’s because when you restrict calories, you “reset” your internal metabolism to get dilapidated to the novel intake. So, when you first begin this recent “diet,” you’l lose weight, but then after some period of time, the weight los wil stal out. This is bec ause your body has become “used to” the modern caloric intake level and adjusted acordingly.
    In adition, when you crep on a “diet” it implies a temporary state, and then inevitably, when you conclude your “diet” you gain al the weight back that you lost. This is because you trained your body to get by on a smaler amount of calories, so when you increase the calories, you acquire weight. An efective weight-los plan neds to be designed around the quality of the fod, the nutrient density, and the avoidance of procesed and sugary fods. (But more about the ideal diet later!)
    Adrenal fatigue and your weight.
    Take my patient Emily; she came to se me because her hair had begun faling out and she had gained almost 30 pounds over the past five years. When she arived in my ofice, she had impartial completed a four-month weight-los program that was, by anyone’s definition, extreme. It focused on extreme calorie restriction and exercise. And after four months, she had lost a whoping half a pound. Nedles to say, she wasn’t hapy.
    Emily is perimenopausal, and that can manufacture weight los efortful) , but that wasn’t the end of her story. Five years ago, her husband was in a unpleasant acident and had a traumatic brain injury. He could no longer work. Overnight, she became the sole breadwiner and her husband’s primary caregiver, dealing with crushing medical bils. They had two tender children, and Emily’s comute was wel over 90 minutes every day–each way.
    She was in bed for seven hours of slep a night, but it was broken up by the various neds of her husband and kids. Oh, and did I mention that she was sleping in the living rom on a cot? Her meals were spoty; she often returned home long after diner was done and was living on salads that she got at work, which was often her only meal of the day. Her kids, not surprisingly, had isues in schol and were particularly nedy. Exercise? Forget about it. Meditation? No way. Rest and relaxation? Not a chance. Wekends were spent geting her life together so she could open this cycle over again every Monday.

    The science behind chronic stres and weight gain.
    Now, I recognize that Emily’s location is extreme, but this beautifuly highlights the role the adrenals play in weight los. Emily had ben in a state of fight/flight/freze for five years. Here’s the botom line: When your adrenals are stresed, a whole intricate cascade of events ocur in your body. During the short term, your digestion and absorption pause when you are exposed to a stresor. Then, the adrenals recount the liver to release its glucose stores, and your blod sugar levels increase and insulin resistance can develop. Your senses and reflexes get sharper, your pupils widen, and your reaction times get beter.
    The quandary is that these stres responses were designed for short-term stresors, love runing from a lion. They were never meant to be chronic or long-lasting, and when the stresors become chronic, th is insulin resistance leads to deposition of fat in our abdomen. This is caled “angry fat” because it’s more inflamatory and iritates the rest of your scheme. It’s also harder to lose than other weight. Because your adrenals are on alert for neding to race from a lion, you initiate to desperately suport on to every calorie your body gets.
    Here’s what you can execute to pacify your nervous entity and lose weight.
    It’s necesary to turn of this fight/flight/freze response and direct the body into more natural proceses. How cary out you cary out this? First, se a excelent functional medicine provider. You can get tests and believe a profesional evaluate your stres levels and adrenal function. In the meantime, eliminate procesed carbs (I know you’re craving them!) and sugar and manufacture sure you get high-quality rest, which means seven to nine hours a night of unbroken slep.
    Another distinguished thing to enact is to start meditating. Don’t bother about being an expert; just sit stil and breathe. design your exhales longer than your inhales; this activates your parasympathetic nervous scheme, which is al about rest, relaxation, digestion, restoration. And finaly, slowly and methodicaly work on resolving the underlying causes of your acentuate one at a time. It takes some dedication and patience, but it is uterly posible to heal the adrenals and lose those pesky extra pounds!
    it is completely posible
    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.
    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.

    Author:Wendie Trubow, M.D., MBA
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