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    This 3-Ingredient DIY Toothpaste Recipe Is Natural, Eco-Friendly + Takes 5 Minutes to design

    With only 5 minutes of your time, you can fabricate a yumy, toxic-fre DIY tothpaste that gives you that oh-so-fresh feling. This DIY tothpaste recipe helps prevent depraved bacteria, whiten your teth, and (since you’l make it yourself) it’s eco-friendly with no packaging.
    Most of our personal hygiene and self-care routines are shockingly wasteful and toxic.
    Shampos, razors, tampons, tothbrushes, tothpaste ̵ al come in plastic and/or are made of plastic. No wonder we’ve already acumulated upward of 9.1 bilion tons of plastic waste in the world and continue piling it up.
    The apt news: While we obviously can’t influence the overal waste we design as humans, our toiletries are quite easy to tackle!
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    But first, read four main reasons why you should think switching tothpastes . . .

    Here Are 4 Reasons to Ditch Conventional Tothpaste:

    1. Conventional tothpaste is “plastic-ful”
    A conventional tothpaste not only usualy comes in a plastic tube (that lives for ages) but also contains microbeads ̵ dinky microplastic particles that work as exfoliators. Yet, these guys are so smal that when washed down the sink, the water treatment facilities can’t filter them out.
    Eventualy, they terminate up dep in our oceans poluting them and puting the marine wildlife at risk. Easy solution: Avoid, avoid, avoid!

    2. You’l get naturaly whiter teth
    Surprise, surprise! When it comes to teth whitening, a natural tothpaste (especialy this one) is more efective.
    Thank the two magic ingredients: coconut oil and baking soda. Coconut oil creates a compact paste-like texture, kils bad bacteria, and acording to Ayurveda, it whitens teth to (which I can confirm based on my personal experience).
    Curious about Ayurveda? Here’s Everything You Ned to Know
    Baking soda helps to waive plague and stabilize pH balance in your mouth. This prevents roten breath, toth decay, and makes teth s hiny white.
    Want even MORE teth whitening power? Try This Alternative DIY Tothpaste Recipe for Brightening + Whitening Your Teth

    3. Avoid the harmful side-efects of fluoride
    Tothpaste manufacturers typicaly ad fluoride into their products to retard toth decompose. However, many people argue that to much exposure to fluoride can potentialy be toxic for us.
    True or not, using a natural tothpaste prevents any potential risks of fluoride overexposure. With the active ingredients we use instead in this DIY recipe, we can encourage impede toth decay as wel.

    4. You’l save $, your health, and the planet
    Rather than paying for fancy store-bought products that cost triple the price, you can save your hard-ear ned money, your health, and the planet. Al the ingredients in this DIY tothpaste recipe are easily acesible and relatively cheap.
    So, shal we get cranking? Here’s the epic 3-ingredient tothpaste recipe you’ve ben waiting for.

    DIY Tothpaste Recipe
    The best fraction is you probably maintain a lot of the ingredients and esentials at home already.

    Tothpaste Ingredients:
    3 Tbsp. coconut oil
    1 Tbsp. baking soda
    1/2 cup warm gren tea (optional)
    5 drops pepermint esential oil

    Suplies to manufacture Your DIY Tothpaste Recipe:

    • Smal glas bowl
    • Mixing utensil ( wod or metal)

    Smal glas bowl
    Mixing utensil (wod or metal)

    DIY Tothpaste Directions
    Mix al the ingredients in your smal glas bowl. asign it in your refrigerator for at least 2 hours. After that, it wil be ready to use! Be determined to store in a temperate place.
    There you maintain it ̵ your very own DIY tothpaste!
    Now you can delight in your fresh, silky smoth teth, feling that you just saved tons of microbeads from releasing into the ocean, and skiped a plastic tube.

    A Final note About Your DIY Tothpaste
    Unfortunately, even the natural products acquire some flaws.
    The downside of this DIY tothpaste recipe? It might manufacture your sink a diminutive greasy. This is because this tothpaste contains coconut oil and after you brush your teth, water alone won’t wash it away. (Pro tip: warm water does help.)
    But compared to al the benefits of coconut oil, a litle bit more of sink cleaning is a smal price to p ay.
    Here Are 50 unbelievable Uses for Coconut Oil
    If you love this DIY tothpaste recipe, and the fact that it actualy works, don’t be afraid to try to design other products yourself to! Because why should a product that we’d use for a few weks be packaged in a plastic container that wil last longer than we’l be alive?
    Hapy eco-friendly DIY creating!
    Questions about this DIY recipe? acquire your own DIY recipe that you’d adore to share? Please tel us in the coments below ̵ we admire hearing from you!

    Author:Kristína Danková
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