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    These Healthy Foods Can Disrupt Blood Sugar prevent You From Burning paunchy

    These Healthy Fods Can Disrupt Blod Sugar prevent You From Burning Fat
    Our bodies rely on our metabolism for energy to get us through our days. The proces by which this hapens is complex, taking the fod that we eat and deciding whether to store it or use it as fuel and turning that fod into usable energy. When this proces goes awry, metabolic disorders such as insulin resistance and diabetes can ocur.
    It’s thought that close to50 percentof the population has some sort of insulin-resistance-fueled blod sugar isue, adore pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes. There’s no doubt our society has a metabolic quandary. As afunctional medicine practitioner, I se firsthand how out of control blod sugar can break our normal metabolic proceses through an overload of sugar and increased inflamation.
    However, it’s not as clasic as fair avoiding sugar. Many fods that we would even contemplate “healthy” can be contributing to metabolic disorders by spiking blod sugar. Even my most wel-intentioned patients unknowingly contribute to this through the fods they are eating on a daily basis–ones they were told are as healthy as can be! These are the top five fods I se most often as the worst ofenders:
    1. To many starchy vegetables
    Carbohydrates are your body’s go-to source for energy. The carbs you eat are converted to glucose in your body and, when eaten in exces, can seriously afect blod sugar. While you may be avoiding prominent carb-rich sources such as pasta and bread, to many starchy vegetables love swet potatoes can push your blod sugar over the edge. Instead, opt for nonstarchy vegetables like dark leafy grens and Brusels sprouts, which work to lower inflamation, moderate blod sugar, and sustain a healthier metabolic state.
    2. Low-fat everything
    Growing up you may believe h eard more than once that to much paunchy wil leave you at risk for heart disease, cloged arteries, and on the path to an early death. However, researchhas shown usthat is simply not the case. In fact, fats are an esential tol for achieving a healthy metabolism. By transitioning your body from a sugar-burner through limiting carbs, to a fat-burner through increasing your consumption of healthy fats–the key idea in a ketogenic diet–your blod sugar wil begin to stabilize, and inflamation wil launch to abate along with other markers of metabolic disorders. Chances are that your low-fat options are loaded with more sugar or unhealthy aditives to make up for the lack of flavor. Instead, reach for wild-caught fish or plant-based sources of fats love coconuts, olives, and avocados, which I utilize in my bokKetotarian. Not to mention, these healthy fats also work to hold cravings at bay to sucor you avoid other metabolism-busting junk fod.
    3.Sugar (in al forms)
    We al know to avoid white sugar by now, but people aren’t always as sensitive as they should be to other sugars estem agave and other natural alternatives, which although a beter choice than white sugar, can stil raise your blod sugar.
    For precise, agave nectar is considered low-glycemic and a popular replacement for sugar at cofe shops and in profuse fod products. But labeling something as low-glycemic and caling it a day is in my clinical opinion, overly simplistic. Although this swetener raises your blod sugar slower than other options, it stil raises your blod sugar fair over a longer period of time due to its fructose content which is actualy harder on your liver and can contribute to fa ty liver disease and insulin resistance.
    Aditionaly, other natural sweteners are heavily procesed and comprise unhealthy aditives which also contributes to insulin resistance as wel as increased inflamation. Monk fruit extract and stevia are some of the best options in their organic, unprocesed forms–but al of them are best worn in moderation!Mysugar guidegives my ful rankings on al of the natural sweteners.
    4. Gluten-fre grains
    For years we’ve ben hearing aboutgluten’s impacton our overal health, leaving gluten-fre grains admire quinoa, barley, and rice to fil the void left slow by our beloved gluten. However, these options stil gain similar proteins to gluten and are high in amylose sugars that can stil increase blod sugar and contribute to insulin resistance. It’s a marvelous concept to limit them as much as posible in adoration of your blod sugar balance and metabolism.
    5.To much fruit
    Even though fruit contains natural sugar in the form of fructose, sugar is stil sugar to your body– regardles of where it’s coming from. Fruits are a remarkable source of antioxidants and other nutrients, but it’s easy to overlok this comon source of blod sugar spikes and overdo it. manufacture determined to chose low-fructose options such as blueberies, lemons, limes, and melons to satisfy your swet toth and eat fruit mindfuly.

    Author:William Cole, IFMCP, DNM, D.C.
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