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    The Roundup! Yoga Inclusivity and Inspiration

    Now that 2017 is underway, body positivity continues to spread into the yoga world. In this month’s link roundup we’ve included some pretty inspirational stories about young yogis, mindfulness skills to cope with addiction, the awesomely-expanding inclusivity in yoga, and a few videos. Plus comedian Jimmy Fallon tries acroyoga for the first time and yogi Jessamyn Stanley keeps it real.
    11-Year-Old Boy Gets Yoga Certification After Mom’s Cancer Battle–When Tabay Atkins was six years old, his mother took a yoga teacher training to help herself recover from non-Hodgkin lymphoma. He saw how it impacted her life and wanted to help others heal. As a fifth grade graduation present, his mom enrolled him in a yoga teacher training. Now, at 11, Tabay teaches classes three days per week in San Clemente, California. Proceeds from his classes go to charities to help support kids with cancer.
    Mindfulness–an Alternative to Jailtime for Repeat Drunk Drivers–In Albuquerque, a yearlong DWI/drug court program, offered as an alternative to jailtime, gives repeat offenders new skills to cope with addiction.
    The Key to Peace: Let Go of How Things “Should” Be and Accept What Is–In today’s turmoil times, sometimes all we can do is accept things as they are and do the best with what we have.
    Is It Safe for Me to Share My Opinions, Even If They Differ from Others?–Artist Lalita Ballesteros encourages us to share our voices and emphasizes how we’re needed now more than ever.
    Jimmy Fallon and Tim Ferriss Do AcroYoga (Video)–Comedian Jimmy Fallon tries acroyoga for the first time! Watch this short, but hilarious video of Jimmy Fallon flying.
    Badass Yogi Jessamyn Stanley Talks Yoga Body Stereotypes (Video)–“F*ck that noise . . . I’m going to be myself and wear what I want to wear,” said yogi Jessamyn Stanley in this video produced by Glamour Magazine. Jessamyn has been a leader in the yoga world in talking about shifting yoga stereotypes and offering the message of acceptance and self-love for all bodies.
    We Took A Yoga Class And Proved That Plus-Size Women Can Do Anything–There’s no denying it–some people feel like yoga spaces aren’t inclusive of all body shapes. Buzzfeed recruits three ladies to try yoga to see what happens. Video included.

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