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    The Roundup! Remembering Buddhist Teacher Michael Stone

    In this month’s link roundup of yoga news, we start with some somber news and then lift you back up with inspiring yoga art, yoga emojis, and more.
    Remembering Buddhist teacher Michael Stone–Beloved Buddhist teacher, yogi, author, and social activist Michael Stone died on July 16, 2017. Details surrounding his death are still emerging (Follow the Michael Stone Teaching Facebook page for the latest updates), but his family believes he died of an opioid overdose as he was living with bipolar disorder and purchased street drugs just before he died. This story shines a light on mental illness. If you are struggling or need help, please reach out to someone. To offer financial support to Michael Stone’s family, check out this online fund.
    “The Union of Yoga” Combines Art with the Human Body to Bring Asanas to LifeWhen life feels overwhelming, turning to beauty and art can lift the spirits. UK-based artist Emma Fay combines the human body, painting, and yoga poses in her latest series “The Union of Yoga.” While models hold yoga poses, Fay paints them into the different plants and animals that correspond to that pose. Not only are these paintings beautiful, they showcase the incredible relationship between yoga and the natural world.
    Festival Hangover Prevention Tips–Yoga festivals are fun, uplifting, and inspiring. But they can also be exhausting and overwhelming. Check out these tips from LA Yoga to add some balance to your yoga festival experience and prevent the festival hangover.
    Finally, A Yoga Emoji!–Yes, this news deserves an exclamation point and lots of celebration. We all know that there are times when the ‘hands praying’ emoji and the ‘om symbol’ emoji just don’t cut it. The yoga emoji is on the list of the 12 new emojis that Apple is debuting within the next few months.
    Yoga Alliance’s New President Reveals Plans for Moving the Yoga Community Forward–Earlier this year, former Kripalu CEO David Lipsius became the new president and CEO of Yoga Alliance. In this interview, Yoga Journal talks to Lipsius about his ideas for Yoga Alliance, his thoughts on how the yoga community can grow, and more.
    Can Virtual Reality Help You Reach Enlightenment?–With the latest emerging games, maybe so. Gamemakers are creating games that help facilitate transformative experiences, mindfulness training, and calm. In this article, Tricycle Magazine examines a few.

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