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    The Roundup! NFL, Sun Signs, and Murder by Yoga Ball

    Although the summer is coming to a close, the yoga news beat never stops! In this month’s yoga news roundup, read about how yoga is helping NFL players prevent injury, how music might help you ward off heart attack and stroke, and why you shouldn’t feel too guilty about your Instagram scrolling habit.
    Tackle this: NFL players benefit from regular yoga practice–Apparently, plenty of NFL players practice yoga to complement their rigorous football training. Yoga helps football players avoid injury by improving multidirectional joint flexibility and muscle pliability. The Giants, Jacksonville Jaguars, New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears offer yoga as an option on recovery days, and others regularly practice as a team.
    Listening to yoga music before bed could prevent deadly heart attacks–Concerned about heart attacks or strokes? Try listening to some soothing yoga music as you drift off to sleep. For starters, hearing soothing tunes increases heart rate variability, which indicates your heart’s ability to change its pumping speed in response to stimuli.
    The Best Yoga Poses for Your Zodiac Sign–Now that the latest Mercury retrograde is over, we can finally get ourselves back into balance! In this article, find out which yoga pose is best suited for helping you “rethink your perspective, work through problems and feel energized,” based on your sun sign.
    Why Traditional Yoga Adjustments Should Be a Thing of the Past–Everyone’s body is different, and that means we won’t all look the same in every yoga pose. In this article, Katy Hooks talks “getting the correct shape” vs. “respecting our own unique physiology” and how teachers can work to help students find shapes on their own.
    Drunk Yoga Reminded Me Why I Practice in the First Place–Take it from yoga teacher Jamey Powell: sometimes our best practices happen when we don’t take ourselves so seriously. In this article Powell talks about her surprisingly enlightening experience pairing Warrior II with wine in “Drunk Yoga” class.
    How to Use Instagram the Yogic Way–Does using Instagram help or harm your yoga practice? Well, it’s kind of up to you! Read this article for help figuring out how you can keep using the social media platform and deepen your practice at the same time.
    Doctor killed family with gas-filled yoga ball, police say–A Hong Kong man has been charged with killing his wife and daughter by placing a leaking yoga ball filled with carbon monoxide in his wife’s car. The anesthesiologist obtained the deadly carbon monoxide from the hospital where he worked. As interesting as this story is, we certainly hope this is the first and last time we hear about a yoga ball murder.

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