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    The Roundup! Breastfeeding, Goats, and BallerYoga

    This month’s yoga link roundup includes stories that are funny, unusual, and serious. Sometimes we need a mix of all three.
    This Mom’s Breast-Feeding Yoga Moves Are Seriously Impressive–Texas mom and yogi Carlee Benear did yoga throughout her entire pregnancy. Once she gave birth, she felt that it was only natural to continue her daily routine with her daughter. She started practicing yoga and breastfeeding her daughter at the same time, and she said a spark ignited. “We were connected again in harmony,” she said.
    Mom Defends Right To Breastfeed In Public With Epic Yoga Photo–Another yogi and mom is using her yoga practice to defend her right to breastfeed in public. After her father put a cloth napkin over her while she was breastfeeding at a restaurant, Kelly Stanley took to her yoga mat and Instagram account. She posted a photograph of her breastfeeding while practicing yoga and wrote, “Because no woman should ever feel like she is being inappropriate or immodest by feeding her baby, anywhere, ever. Breastfeeding is NOT indecent exposure.”
    I Went to a Yoga Class with Miniature Goats–There’s been cat yoga, yoga with elephants, and now–there’s goat yoga. Hosted on a farm outside of Portland, Oregon, goat yoga combines traditional vinyasa flow with the company of free-roaming miniature goats. According to this author’s first-hand experience, goat yoga may also include goat’s pooping, goat’s eating your yoga mat, and lots of giggles.
    New $1,000 mat made of football leather gives brogis chance to practice truly ‘BallerYoga’–We can’t help but laugh while reading this headline. A $1,000 yoga mat? A yoga mat made of football leather? Simply to appease brogis and ballers? It turns out that the name of the company is BallerYoga and creator Cedric Yau says that these mats have good grip and control, so that “ballers can tackle yoga.” Let us know how that goes, bro.
    Yoga in 100 Chinese varsities to help fight depression, stress –Because over 90 million people suffer from depression in China, the Chinese government called for the launch of a yoga campaign in 100 universities. For the next 100 days students will learn pranayama, meditation, and yoga asanas. We sure hope it relieves some of that competitiveness and pressure within the Chinese education system.
    Three Reasons You Can No Longer Afford to Ignore the Mindfulness Trend–Everyone’s talking about mindfulness these days. And for good reason: Research has shown that we perform optimally and feel at our best when we are focused on the present. According to one poll, the mindfulness industry produced 1 billion in sales last year. And for many reasons, the industry is only growing.

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