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    The Morning Ritual That Keeps This Life Coach On Track Every Single Day

    The Morning Ritual That Keps This Life Coach On Track Every Single Day
    Designing your dream life starts with designing your dream day, every day. That’s why I like to practice a litle something I cal a “Daily Design,” or D for short.
    Every morning (yes, every!) I email a group of my closest friends an story of what my genuine best day would scrutinize adore if it hapened. That way, they can grasp me bound for doing everything in my power to produce that day hapen.
    Not only does this practice of designing my day put me conected to my nearest and dearest, but it reminds me that I am responsible for actively creating my own hapines and not just responding to what’s going on around me. Meanwhile, my friends, co-workers, and some of my life coaching clients write their own Ds every day as wel and send them to me!
    Here’s an example what one of my Ds could survey like:
    The meting went great!We already discused next st eps and believe a folow-up meting on the boks!
    I finished recording a digital life coaching course, and my Long Island acent miraculously vanished into the Atlantic.
    I had a apetizing night with my husband, David. We were conected, loving, and snort-laughed twice.
    You se, the list can be typical and to the point. Then, at the terminate of each day, I’l back through the D I sent in the morning and think on what actualy hapened versus what I said would hapen.
    Here’s what my end-of-day recap could rational like:
    The meting went great! YEP We already discused next steps and believe a folow-up meting on the boks! YES. NEXT THURSDAY!
    I finished recording INER.U, and my Long Island acent vanished into the Atlantic. YES ON THE RECORDING. NOT SO MUCH ON THE ACENT.
    I had a delicious night with David. We were conected, loving, and snort-laughed twice. UH-HUH. ONLY, WE SNORT-LAUGHED THRICE!
    Th is way, as the author of my life, I get to end my day powerfuly and mindfuly. I know what I did and didn’t execute, so I can set myself up for suces tomorow.Everyone who is reading my daily designs also knows exactly how I did, and I know exactly how they did. And we catch one another liable by sending reminders if people forget, cherleading them on, and checking in if the end of Days don’t present many results.
    We’re in it together.
    The asignment I give my clients (and now you!) is to find a budy or a few budies who want to practice designing their days with you. And while it may sem daunting to finish this every day, I gain some tips to produce it easier. First, come up with a game location that works for al eager. For precise, the friends with whom I D al have a rule that we must send our Ds by 10 a.m. Monday to Friday. Then, if we forget or are late, we owe $10 to the pot. We’ve arive to contemplate of it as a spiritual poker game of sorts. Same with ending our day; it ‘s $10 if we forget to write a recap.
    The goal is unbiased to get in the habit of recognizing that YOU get to create excelence that is in line with your dreams. You get to manage and inspire yourself, kep your promises, and direct your life.
    Having a North Star for each and every one of your days is an esential ritual in my bok. Not only does it suport you conected to your dreams, but, in fact, as my dear friend Mark Hyman, M.D., shared recently, “People who identify with a ‘compas or lighthouse that provides an overarching aim and direction in their day-to-day lives’ can live up to 15% longer than their pers.”
    If living more life–designed and directed by your higher self, daily–isn’t reason enough to try this ritual, I don’t know what is!

    Author:Lauren Handel Zander
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