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    The Best Free Yoga Videos for June 2020

    The month of June brings in the energy of aliveness, openness, excitement, joy, and curiosity. This is a great time of year to focus on the shift of seasons from an outward solar expansion to a more inward lunar reflection. Celebrate and bring in the summer season with our collection of free yoga videos that explore stretching and strengthening the body and provide the joy, freedom, and exploration to experience a deeply nourishing yoga practice.
    Shake it Off Yoga Flow by TaraStiles
    This quick 10-minute yoga practice incorporates several different shaking and body swinging exercises to help release tension and stress. The vinyasa breath linked sequence moves through Warrior 2 and Triangle variations with twists. The class ends with a short seated meditation to soak up the feelings of calm and relaxation.
    Morning Full Body Yoga for Beginners
    This short 10-minute sequence gently moves through a handful of poses to stretch, strengthen, and energize the whole body. Even if you are not a beginner, there are some interesting variations of low lunge pose taught in the middle of the class. The practice ends with a standing meditation to prepare you for your day ahead.
    Total Body Yoga Class To Feel Fantastical by Boho Beautiful
    This yoga video focuses on releasing lower body tension and stiffness while focusing on the connection between breath and movement. Filmed on the shore of a white pebbled mountain stream, this 28-minute class “will get your heart rate up and settle the mind while allowing you to find comfort in stillness.” There are a few core activating poses that might challenge beginners–otherwise, this is a lovely sequence of twists and hip-openers. The practice ends with Joyful Baby pose and Shavasana.
    Full Body De-StressYoga Flow by Jessica Richburg
    This 30-minute yoga class is fluid, creative, and fun. The class begins seated with some gentle warm-ups and then moves through a “main sequence including full body stretches, twists, and a little core work!” The class ends with some gentle supine stretches and then with a stress-relieving breathwork technique.
    Full Body Vinyasa Flow by Absmo by Oysho
    This dynamic vinyasa flow builds up the strength to come into the peak pose of the practice–Pincha Mayurasana (Forearm Stand pose). The class begins seated with some gentle stretches and slowly builds intensity through a creative and challenging sun salutation sequence. The 42-minute video is filmed against a peaceful ocean backdrop.
    Yoga For Courage by Yoga With Adriene
    “Find refuge, cultivate intention, anchor in slowing down your breath, and release tension” in this 28-minute breath-focused yoga flow. The class begins with a centering and intention and proceeds with some simple warm-up movements. The bulk of the sequence moves through standing asanas and sun salutation movements. The class finishes up with Child’s pose, Supine Twist, and supported Shavasana.
    Yoga for Down Days by Cat Meffan
    If you are having a really tough day and feeling down, check out this 23-minute all-levels yoga class. The intention of the sequence is to feel more alive in your body and connected to a place of gratitude and to end “feeling joyful and full of energy and love.” The practice begins with a meditation and joint rotation warm-ups and then moves into a fun high lung hip opening flow. The class ends with some core work, a sweet rest in Shavasana pose, and a short meditation.
    Upper Back Release by Yoginimelbourne
    You will need a yoga strap and a block to fully participate in this 25-minute upper back release class. The sequence begins standing with several shoulder and upper back stretches using a yoga strap. Towards the end of the practice, there is an interesting twisting forward bend to stretch behind the scapula and a deep heart-opening backbend using the block. The class ends with Shavasana and a short meditation.
    Hip Opening Yoga Flow by Well+Good
    The hips are the largest joint in the body and have a tendency to “get a lot of stuff stuck in it.” This 19-minute hip-opening yoga flow will open and create space in the hips with some creative hip circles and interesting and juicy asana variations. The class ends with Firelog pose, Extended Pigeon pose, and a relaxing Supine Bound Angle pose.
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