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    The Best Free Yoga Videos for June 2019

    Ah, the summer solstice-this shift in seasons brings a powerful energy of natural joy and freedom that draws us to big adventures. If you’re unable to take your own road trip this summer, go on an adventure with these great new yoga videos. This month’s curation of seven free videos centers on surprising and delightful ways to find joy and mix up your yoga practice.
    Happy Hamstrings Flow By Jaime
    Running, swimming, hiking, and other fun summer activities can come at the cost of creating tension and muscle tightness in the back of the legs-especially in the hamstrings. Check out this video before returning to your next summertime adventure to create ease and more flexibility. Follow along with yogi Jaime in this quick, 14-minute asana sequence so your hamstrings are happy and ready for your next escapade.
    Budokon Monkey Practice with Gilda
    Your yoga practice doesn’t have to be a serious affair in order to achieve serious results. Led by Gilda of Ekhart Yoga, this playful 15-minute yoga flow taps into your inner-child while still creating balance and strength in your hips and shoulders. This sequence is inspired by Budokon, a modern style that focuses on strengthening the mind-body connection by blending yoga with martial arts. Be prepared to jump around like a monkey in this fun yoga video!
    7 Headstands of Ashtanga Yoga by Cece
    For many, the most daunting and challenging poses in yoga are inversions and headstands. As long as you practice safely, there’s no reason not to conquer your fears and take your yoga practice upside down! This 40-minute ashtanga adventure from Cece of Yoga Dose walks you step by step through a variety of challenging asanas that will tilt your perspective.
    Yin Yoga for Creativity Sexual Energy by Brett
    This thirty-minute yoga practice by Brett Larkin focuses on unlocking the Sacral Chakra (known as Svadhishthana in Sanskrit) which can be accessed below the navel in the lumbar area. This video sequence of deep yoga stretches takes place on the ground and calls for a few props such as a yoga block or bolster but household substitution like throw pillows will work as well.
    Relaxing Joyful Yoga Routine with Laura
    A scenic sunny coastline will transport you and bring you ease and inner peace no matter where you’re doing this practice. Follow along with cheerful yogi Laura Myren for a vinyasa flow that encourages you to be open to movements and actions that bring a sense of joy to yourself. Clocking in at 28 minutes, this yoga flow brings a little fire to the belly with the help of mindful breathing while still offering a nourishing practice.
    Flow Into Feeling by Fiji McAlpine
    This vinyasa flow is just under an hour and requires nothing more but a yoga mat and your intentions. This practice taps into a deeper sensation that arises at the cross section of merging breath with movement. Instructor Fiji McAlpine guides you through this immersive, intermediate level yoga video in the backdrop of a peaceful meadow.
    Hatha Yoga Love by Lesley Fightmaster
    Feel stronger “with grace and ease” in just twenty minutes with this sweet summer flow by Lesley of Fightmaster Yoga. The sequence, set against a backdrop of powerful waves, is just the right amount of heat for these hot summer days without being too overtaxing.

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