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    The Best Free Yoga Videos for April 2019

    Whether you’re looking to have a good sweat or find peace and release, there’s a video to suit your needs, skill level, and schedule in this month’s compilation of free yoga videos. Our list of April picks begins with a few quick practices that aim to inject a little more joy and peace into your day, then culminates with a number of heat-building practices that will let you burn off some excess energy while still tending to the spirit.
    Quick Morning Fix for Beginners by Cole Chance
    Clocking in at just 10 minutes, this gentle flow is perfect for starting your day right. This video is perfect for beginners who want to incorporate a little bit of yoga to their morning routines or for the experienced yogi who needs back relief. Led by instructor Cole, this sequence incorporates yoga blocks to help you fully experience some gentle twists and deep side stretches.
    Rainbow Yoga for All Ages by Yoga with Adriene
    Ever wonder what it would be like to take a yoga class from painter Bob Ross? This one’s for you! This colorful 17-minute practice will brighten your day with a simple asana sequence aimed at boosting happiness and creativity. Led by instructor Adriene, this brief practice is guaranteed to bring out the inner child in every yogi.
    Yoga for Hip-Opening and Stress Relief by Sarah Beth
    Need an intense hip-opening stretch but don’t have an hour to spare? This 20-minute video led by teacher Sarah Beth is the one you want. We tend to carry a lot of negative emotion and stress in our hips, and this sequence offers deep hip stretches to help reduce that tension and alleviate anxiety.
    Vinyasa Flow for Core Strength by Tim Senesi
    This swift 30-minute practice led by instructor Tim opens with five minutes of seated meditation to balance the energetic flow that follows. Once into the flow, you’ll build strength and stamina in the upper body, hips, and glutes while activating your core to support you. Yoga blocks are recommended to help you achieve some of the challenging Balancing Poses.
    Creative Vasisthasana Variations by Alba Avella
    This 30-minute class taught by Alba builds on intermediate poses by incorporating free movement, meant to encourage creativity on the mat. This fiery sequence leads you through challenging asana variations to keep you sweating, but also offers plenty of modifications for beginners or those recovering from an injury.
    Full Body Yoga by Melissa West
    If you’re looking for a deep, full body stretch, this one-hour practice led by Melissa is just the ticket. This sequence is full of core strengtheners for increased vitality paired with standing postures for balance and hamstring relief. This practice is simple enough to be enjoyed by beginners but offers opportunities to deepen postures for more advanced yogis.

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