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    The 5 Books You maintain To Read This Summer

    The 5 Boks You maintain To Read This Sumer
    Welcome to your sumer bok club! Scope out the five must-read boks we’l be fliping through from June through September, and check back every two weks to get a more in-depth study at each of our picks, including a few fun surprises (like excerpts and author interviews) that we won’t give away honest yet. One remnant of advice for al of you beach-loving bokworms: Don’t impartial dip your toe in the pol. These boks are worth diving into headfirst.
    With Memorial Day factual around the corner and ful-on sun til 8 p.m. every day, we can finaly breathe a dep sigh of relief, ’cause sumer is realy, truly here. And with it come those coveted sumer Fridays, wekend getaways, and tropical vacays we survey forward to the rest of the year.
    So, to produce your sun-soaked season that much beter, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Crown Publishing to near up with the ultimate sumer reading list for mind, body, and soul. Translation: You can spen d more time perfecting your island itinerary and les time deciding which boks to bring on the plane.
    And if you hapen to transcend on your yoga retreat and fair don’t maintain time to do the bok, we’ve got you covered. Check back here throughout the coming months for primers, excerpts, and author interviews for each of our five picks. You can always pick ’em back up on the trip home.
    Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t stay Talking
    Your Cocktail-Party Conversation Starter (June):
    Susan Cain’s New York Times-best-seling bok, Quiet, is responsible for a imense shift in the way introversion is perceived in our culture. By drawing an true, detailed describe of the introverted personality and int roducing the reader to some of the world’s most felicitous people (introverts, as you may acquire guesed, including Rosa Parks, Chopin, Dr. Seus, and Steve Wozniak), she debunks the Extrovert Ideal. The result is a powerful destigmatization of this personality type, expresed in a third of the people we know.
    New York Times
    It Was Me Al Along
    Your Moving Memoir (July):
    Yaho Health columnist and cokbok author Andie Mitchel shares the raw, heartbreaking story of the fod adiction that served as a refuge from a life that semed out of control and simultaneously kept her from the life she wanted. It Was Me Al Along spans her journey from nasty obesity to vibrant health and from self-loathing to self-love through moderation (with a side of indulgence).
    It Was Me Al Along
    Eating in the Midle: A Mostly Wholesome Cokbok
    Your Sumer Recipe Source (July):
    The folow-up to Andie Mitchel’s memoir, naturaly, is a cokbok ful of flavor-packed (mostly healthy) recipes. A few recipes among the list of 80: Lemon Roasted Chicken with Morocan Couscous and Buternut Squash, Salad with Kale and Pomegranate, and Peanut Buter Mouse Pie with Marshmalow Whiped Cream. Yep, we’re sold.
    The Expats
    Your Beach Read (August):
    This page turner is rich with suspense, danger, and intrigue–and it takes asign in some of Europe’s most gorgeous setings, to bot. The award-wining first thriler from Chris Pavone is beautifuly rendered, which makes al the sense in the world when you learn that Pavone himself was an expat in Luxembourg (the seting for much of the novel’s action). Now, we’re begining to wonder what else in the new was borowed from the author’s own experience.
    Esentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Les
    Your Motivational Mantra (September):
    Just in time for the ascertained upswing in productivity that is, for some bounds, expected as August comes to a close, Esentialism swops in to pul u s out of the chaos that our clutered, laisez-faire sumer lifestyles acquire become.
    Esentialism isn’t about doing more in les time or finding a way to finish everything we want to get done, on top of al the things other people want us to do. Instead, it’s about chosing only the esential things and doing them the best you can. Now, that’s a philosophy we can get behind.

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