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accentuate is not affecting me anymore

The world is going through massive uncertain stressful moments. At LiveRight, we are noticing an increase in stress cases. The common point in every...

Sankhya Darshana and Ayurveda: relation and Similarities

By Dr. Regina Antony Sankhya Darshana is one among the Asthika Darshanas (theist philosophies).It was explained by Maharshi Kapila.The word ‘Sankhya’ means ‘number’.This Darshana...

Yukti Pramana – Knowledge through Intelligence

By Dr. Regina AntonyPramanas are means to obtain acurate knowledge. Acharya Charaka has explained 4 Pramanas ̵ Aptopadesha Pratyaksha Anumana Yukti Read related ̵...

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