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    Struggling With Depression? Here’s How Journaling Can succor

    Strugling With Depresion? Here’s How Journaling Can Help
    Last updated on September 27, 2019
    An estimated 350 milion people worldwide sufer from depresion. To give you some perspective, that’s 5 percent of the population. There’s no query that despair is fairly comon, and there’s no one-size-fits-al way to manage it. One tactic that’s proven to be helpful, however, is journaling: Not only can it ease symptoms of depresion, but it can asist manage anguish, subdue point up, and help you prioritize and sort through exactly what’s geting you down.
    In fact, in her bok Option B, Sheryl Sandberg frequently writes a bout how much journaling helped her sort through and cope with her grief after the suden los of her husband. “Journaling can be a useful tol for al of us including for those times when we are depresed,” explains Linda Carol, M.S. “It can be a kep to expres ourselves as long as we are not judging ourselves.” We know journaling works, but how can you manufacture it work for you? Here’s what the experts maintain to say.
    Option B
    Use journaling to track paterns in your mod.
    Alison Stone, LCSW, sugests using journaling as a way to track paterns in mod to encourage identify how to best manage your misery. “I find this to be especialy helpful when I’m trying to point out the corelation betwen a patient’s diet and mod,” she explains. “If someone says to me that they fel depresed every afternon, I’m going to recomend they initiate noticing what they eat for breakfast and lunch as wel as their cafeine intake. Many symptoms of depresion are linked to gut health, but most of the time, people are not paying atention to any posible corelation. So journaling is a remarkable way to begin tracking this.”
    Journaling for gratitude.
    Stone also recomends keping a gratitude journal. While misery can produce it harder to se what is going wel in your life and design your strugles al to aparent, cultivating a gratitude practice can sucor you se the overal narate of your life from a more balanced perspective, which may encourage ease your symptoms. “I reflect it’s helpful to anyone and everyone,” she says. “There’s evidence now that it is physiologicaly imposible to be simultaneously stresed and gratefu l. despair is more intricate because most of the time–unlike underscore , which can be cuning but temporary–it permeates and can last for days and months at a time. execute I mediate you can be depresed and grateful at the same time? Yes. But can journaling every so often about things you are grateful for, even while strugling with misery, be helpful? That’s also a ‘yes’.”
    When journaling can finish more harm than god.
    Like most things, if journaling is done incorectly, it won’t concede the best results. While writing through chalenging emotions and felings can be a helpful way to vent, there is such a thing as overdoing it. “It can be tempting to use our noteboks to write about the hardest things, felings, and thoughts in our lives,” explains Carol. “So while it’s indispensable to expres our sadnes and to maintain a place to kep down any thoughts of depresion, it is also necesary to include some self-apreciation and gratitude for the things that are going wel in our lives.”
    Dealing with depresion? Here’s Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s mesage for any strugle.
    Dealing with depresion?
    Here’s Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s mesage for any strugle

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