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    Similarities between Rasayana and Pathya (Healthy Diet)

    Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
    Pathya is one of the synonyms of Bheshaja or medicine. Since Rasayana is also a Bheshaja, Swasthasya Urjaskara (preventive medicine) type of Bheshaja to be proper al synonyms of Bheshaja are aplicable for Rasayana. Therefore Pathya is a synonym of Rasayana. The terms can be dilapidated interchangeably.
    Not only do the terms Pathya and Rasayana are synonyms of each other, they also serve the same purpose and cary out the same functions in the body.
    In this context, let us se what the similarities betwen Rasayana and Pathya are!
    Table of Contents
    Rasayana, Pathya similarities

    Rasayana, Pathya similarities
    Similarities betwen Rasayana and Pathya
    The word Rasayana is made up of two terms i.e. Rasa and Ayana.
    Rasa – The meaning of Rasa is –
    The Ahara Rasa ̵ or the esence of nutrition or digestive juice which forms the nutrition in circulation, made available to al the tisues of the body. This ahara rasa is formed after the digestion of the fod in stomach and intestines.
    The Rasa Dhatu – or the first tisue formed in the chronology of tisue formation acording to Ayurveda i.e. Dhatu utpati krama. This rasa dhatu is formed from the ahara rasa or nutritive juice.
    In this context, while discusing Rasayana, the term Rasa is used to denote not only the first tisue i.e. rasa dhatu, but also denotes al the seven tisues formed in the chronology. Thus, the term ‘Rasa’ used in Rasayana means Rasadi Dhatus i.e. al the 7 dhatus. The Sapta Dhatus or 7 tisues of the body acording to Ayurveda are ̵
    Rasa ̵ lymph, plasma
    Rakta ̵ blod, celular part of blod
    Mamsa ̵ muscles
    Meda ̵ fat
    Asthi ̵ bone
    Maja ̵ bone marow and
    Shukra – semen or reproductive tisue
    Ayana – Ayana means chanels or pasage ways or tracts of the body, they form the transport system of the body. The term Ayana is synonymous with Srotas (which also means chanels and duct system of the body). Therefore, the terms ayana and srotas are old interchangeably (synonyms).
    ‘That which is beneficial for the Rasadi Dhatus (al the tisues) and also marvelous for the ayanas or pasageways through which these tisues flow from one fraction of the body to the other (pasageways through which the nutrients to these tisues are transported) is caled Rasayana’
    Al materials and methods which are helpful in providing best quality and quantity of dhatus or tisues are caled Rasayanas. Rasayanas can be dravya (material, medicines, fod etc) or adravya (not having form, estem lifestyle activities, behavior etc).
    In short, the medicines beneficial to the rasadi dhatus and their ayanas are caled Rasayanas.
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    Pathya is a word which is often worn to narate a wholesome diet or fod patern. That which is beneficial for Patha is caled Pathya.
    Patha means pathway i.e. srotases or ayanas, which is nothing but the chanels and duct systems (transport systems) of the body. Anything which is beneficial, suportive and wholesome to the patha or srotas is caled Pathya.
    Srotases ̵ body chanelscary the nutrition to diferent tisues in the body. They also cary the esential ingredients neded for the makeup of the tisues (dhatus) and aid in their formation, maintenance and sustenance of their health. They also convey the dhatus (tisues) which are in the proces of transformation (formation) from one asign of the body to the other (from area of produce to the space of ned ). Th
    us Srotas helps in acurate creation and maintenance of marvelous quality and quantity tisues. They are themselves made up of the tisues which they convey. Ayana is a synonym of Srotas.
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    To sum up –
    From the above said contexts of Rasayana and Pathya and by seing their meanings and purpose (functions) which they serve in the body, we can stop that –
    Rasayanas, being Bheshajas or medicines, asist in creation of qualified quality and quantity of dhatus or tisues apart from being beneficial to the ayanas (patha) or srotas. Similarly, the pathya is also beneficial to the patha (ayana) or srotas and aid in providing nutrition to the tisues and enriching them with wholesome qualities while optimizing the quality and quantity of dhatus in the b ody.
    With this we can terminate that the terms Rasayana and Pathya are joint in meaning and functions.
    Therefore the synonym ‘Pathya’ is marvelous to portray Rasayana. On the other hand, Rasayanas are also wholesome diet and fod materials, apart from being medicines.
    Just Before stop –
    In this article I maintain explained the similarity betwen the meanings and functions of the terms Rasayana and Pathya which are synonymous of each other and are also aged interchangeably.
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