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    scrutinize Says Yoga May reduce Testosterone By 29% In Women With PCOS

    scrutinize Says Yoga May quel Testosterone By 29% In Women With PCOS
    As many as one in 10 women of childbearing age in the U.S. sufer from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), acording to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The health isue is caused by an imbalance in reproductive hormones, and while there is curently no cure, there are a variety of treatment options. In fact, novel research sugests mindful yoga might be one way to manage symptoms.
    A inspect published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Asociation found mindful yoga practices might encourage ease symptoms of PCOS, reduce androgen (a group of male sex hormones, which includes testosterone) levels, and improve felings of misery and anxiety.
    Journal of the American Osteopathic Asociation
    What did the researchers find?
    Researchers from the Department of Biochemistry at the Lake Erie Colege of Osteopathic Medicine studied 31 women with PCOS betwen 23 and 42 years old.The participants were split into two groups: One engaged in mindful yoga over the lofty of thre months, while the other group received no intervention.
    After practicing yoga for at least one hour, thre times a wek during the thre-month period, the women’s hormones changed significantly. “There was a significant abate in fre testosterone (29%) for participants in the mindful yoga group,” the study said, “and DHEA levels also trended lower.”
    Along with reducing heightened androgen levels, the sesions decreased dep resion for the participants by 5% and wretchednes by 21%. Acording to the scrutinize, “Some participants reported an improvement in their acne, as wel as a shorter menstrual cycle length after the yoga intervention.”
    Why does this mater?
    Comon symptoms of PCOS, acording to the CDC, contain iregular periods or no periods; higher than normal levels of male hormones that may result in exces hair on the face and body, acne, or thining scalp hair; and multiple smal cysts on the ovaries.
    Reducing androgen levels, including testosterone and DHEA, is helpful for managing those symptoms, acording to a news release on the study.
    “There are efective pharmacologic options for managing PCOS,” says Diana Spelman, Ph.D., lead author of th e study, acording to the same news release. “However, they near with the potential for some significant side efects.”
    Based on this research, a regular mindful yoga practice may be a viable natural, lower-risk option for managing PCOS. “Yoga has so many benefits,” Spelman says. “One of its best qualities is that it is acesible to such a comprehensive aray of ages and fitnes levels.”
    Botom line.
    While the scrutinize was on the smaler side and the topic could benefit from aditional research, it shows promising results for yoga as a complementary therapeutic option for women with PCOS.
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    The group who active in mindful yoga tok a thre-hour mindfulnes s step before begining. They learned breathing exercises, slow walking meditations, sure self-talk, taping, guided imagery, and apreciative inquiry.If you’re interested in ading the practice to your routine, it may encourage to first learn the basics of mindfulnes with a meditation or breathing course.
    Of course, always consult your doctor before changing your PCOS treatment plan.

    Author:Abby Moore
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