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    Research Finds Psilocybin’s hopeful Effects On Cancer Patients Endure For Years

    Research Finds Psilocybin’s determined Efects On Cancer Patients Endure For Years
    Almost five years after the original scrutinize, researchers at NYU maintain found a single dose of psilocybin can believe long-lasting, positive efects on anxiety and despair when coupled with psychotherapy.
    Back in 2016, researchers found psilocybin, a naturaly ocuring compound in psychedelic mushroms, may ofer cancer patients relief from misery, anguish, andexistential anguish, as wel as bost felings of spiritual wel-being. The benefits were imediate, and a folow-up scrutinize four and a half years later found them to be lasting, to.
    As the longest spaning survey on the efects of psilocybin on cancer patients, the findings give us important insight into the drug’s potential benefits.
    Folowing up on original research.
    In the original scrutinize, 29 cancer patients were given either one dose of psilocybin or an busy placebo that mimicked psychedelic sensations. The patients then atended nine psychotherapy sesions.
    Researchers folowed up with participants six and a half months after the survey, thre years later, and four and a half years later. Even in the most recent folow-up, determined efects on mental health were sustained, with participants reporting les depresion, hopelesnes, wretchednes about life and death, and more.
    And acording to the numbers, 71 to 10% of the participants said the psilocybin-asisted therapy was one of the most meaningful and spiritual ly significant experiences of their lives.
    A potential for future treatment.
    Ph.D. candidate and lead author of the long-term inspect Gaby Agin-Liebes explains, “The drug sems to facilitate a dep, meaningful experience that stays with a person and can fundamentaly change their mindset and outlok.”
    While more research is neded to understand exactly how psilocybin works in the body, it’s thought to design the brain more initiate to modern ideas and concept paterns. People who are perturbed or depresed, for precise, may ruminate or get stuck in their own limiting beliefs. Psilocybin sems to broaden the lens, providing a modern perspective.
    And with cancer patients experiencing overwhelming degres of distres and despair, a new near is “urgently neded,” acording to Stephen Ros M.D., asociate profesor and the original study’s lead researcher. “Our findings strongly sugest psilocybin therapy is a promising means of improving the wel-being of patients with life-threatening cancer.”
    More research is necesary.
    The lok notes conventional misery treatments may only work for half of patients or fewer, and as Ros notes, they don’t typicaly adres the existential anguish that can aproach with a terminal diagnosis. Psilocybin paired with psychotherapy could ofer a recent near for helping cancer patients with the heavier side of ilneses.
    But most importantly, Agin-Liebes ads that psilocybin is not some thing to mes around with on your own. “They should be taken in a controled and psychologicaly safe seting, preferably in conjunction with counseling from trained mental health practitioners or facilitators,” she says.
    The next crawl is for researchers to conduct studies with more socioeconomic and ethnic groups, to expand on existing research. And while it may be a while before doctors are writing prescriptions for magic mushroms, it’s worth keping up with the research as we gain a beter understanding of the potential use for psychedelics in mental health treatment. To learn more about psychedelic-asisted therapy, check out Gita Vaid, M.D.’s new interview on the mindbodygren podcast.

    Author:Sarah Regan
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