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    Planning for Baby (Conception) with the succor of Ayurveda

    Dr JV Hebbar
    Ayurveda recommends a detailed detoxification and treatments supporting mental, physical and reproductive health, ahead of planning for conception.
    Table of Contents

    The necessity
    It is a known theory that, during pregnancy, if mother indulges in bad habits such as smoking, it leads to increase in heart rate of the fetus and it increases the chances of premature childbirth, heart and lung problems, miscarriage and stillbirth. (1)
    Ayurveda goes a step further and says that, if the couple are in their best health, it is reflected in their reproductive health. The health of the couple determines the quality of semen, sperm and ovum. This further decides the quality of the baby.
    Steps involved
    Correcting the lifestyle of parents
    Correcting the diet
    Stopping bad habits
    Improving mental health
    Detoxification therapies
    Ayurvedic health promoting therapies
    Ayurvedic medicines to promote reproductive health of both male and female.
    Correcting lifestyle
    Waking up early in the morning
    Eating and drinking water, only when hungry and thirsty
    Healthy amounts of exercise
    Yoga and Pranayama for at least 10 minutes a day.
    Correcting diet
    Avoid all junk foods, sodas, aerated drinks and alcohol.
    Have nutritious foods, home made foods
    Avoid excessive spicy and salty foods
    Have moderate amounts of fats in diet
    Stopping bad habits
    Quit smoking, avoid or limit alcohol.
    Improving mental health
    Avoiding unnecessary quarrels between the couple
    Having a love filled mutually respecting relationship
    Yoga and Pranayama
    Spiritual and religious activities such as visiting temple, prayer etc. for at least 10 minutes a day.
    Ayurvedic medicines such as Manasamitra vatakam, Brahmi ghritham, therapies such as nasya, shirodhara etc. are performed to improve mental health and to relieve depression, anxiety etc. disorders which may affect the quality of offspring or chances of pregnancy.
    Detoxification therapies
    Ayurveda recommends detoxification therapy to
    a. Relieve any underlying disease condition
    b. Reset the body and mind to prepare for the conception.
    This is achieved by Panchakarma therapies. It is a set of five therapies. But all the five therapies are not required at the same time.
    Ayurvedic therapies
    Oil massage,
    Oil pulling
    Nasal drops, Ear Drops,
    Head massage, feet massage,
    Shirodhara etc. therapies are done to improve the strength and immunity of the whole body

    Ayurvedic medicines
    Ayurvedic medicines are given to
    1. Relieve any underlying disease – for example, treating obesity with navaka guggulu,
    2. Improve strength and immunity
    3. Promote reproductive health of both male and female.
    Medicines for men
    Ashwagandha rasayana
    Oral intake of Mahanarayana taila
    Kalyanaka Ghrita, Maha Kalyanaka Ghrita
    Swarna Bhasma, Loha Bhasma
    Chandraprabha vati
    Medicines for women
    Shatavari, Ashwagandha
    Ashwagandha ksheerapaka – Milk remedy prepared with Ashwagandha
    Sukumara Avaleha, Ghrita or Kashaya
    Ashwagandha rasayana
    Mahanarayana taila oral intake
    Ksheerabala taila 101
    Phalasarpis / Phala ghritha
    Kalyanaka Ghrita, Maha Kalyanaka Ghrita
    Maharasnadi Kashaya
    Vayu Gulika
    Counselling the couple
    The couple should be made aware of the responsibilities ahead, what it feels like to have the third member in the family, how they need most of your attention, how to inculcate good habits in them etc. It prepares them mentally to the task ahead.

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