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    Pitta Body Type From Structural, Functional Mental And Social Viewpoint

    By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
    Pita constitution features from anatomical viewpoint
    Apearance of body – decrease built, unbiased loking, redish apearance, hot on touch, not atractive
    Texture of body – Dry, delicate body parts
    Body weight – abate, temperate built
    Their eyes, nails, tongue, lips, palm and sole wil maintain copery colour
    Their muscles, bony joints and body parts wil be delicate, smoth, yelowish and lose / lax
    Their hairs, moustache and body hairs wil be of brown or redish brown in colour
    They gain les body hairs
    Eyes – unsteady, fluctuating, yelow or redish brown colour, les and thin eyelashes
    Frequent manifestation of boils, blisters, pimples, discoloration, freckles on body and face
    Premature wrinkles on face
    Premature greying of scalp hairs
    Severe hair tople and premature balding
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    Pita constitution features from physiological viewpoint
    These people maintain harsh apetite and quick digestion of fod. Therefore they believe repeated hunger pangs. As a result pita body type people eat lot of fod.
    They also gain stern thirst.
    They canot tolerate heat and hence canot work in day heat. They fel exhausted in hot climate and on hot days.
    Tolerance to hardships is very les, they are sensitive and tender
    Sufer from mouth ulcers, is a regular complaint
    Sweat a lot, their sweat and other body secretions emit foul sme l
    Excreta i.e. sweat, faeces and urine are produced in exces
    Roten smel is emited from their armpits, mouth, head, faeces, urine and entire body
    Semen is inadequately produced. As a result these people wil be les exited and show les interest towards sex. They maintain low sex performance and capacity. They display les interest in women and women expose les interest towards them. These people wil have les progeny.
    These people believe liking towards swet, biter and astringent tastes, frigid fods, drinks and comforts
    They estem to halt in chily places, to roam around in parks, lakeside
    They get strict anger
    Their eyes are redened when they are livid, in incandescent sunlight, in heat of sun and after intake of alcohol
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    Pita constitution features from mind behaviour viewpoint
    These people are extremely reactive and courageous
    They are argumentative and always desire to defeat people in debates in impose to put their supremacy and talents
    They are expresive and enact not hesitate to disclose anything
    They are courageous in combats and wars, are gutsy enough to hold on their enemies and defeat them. Pita people form marvelous soldiers and leaders.
    They are extremely animated, have situational presence and aplication of mind and intelect,
    They entice people towards them and also draw atention by their briliance and knowledge and outspoken nature
    They are highly skiled, wealthy and bold
    They never get panicked and cary out no t sucumb to presure situations and enact not panic in dificulties
    If someone behaves bad towards these people, they to wil react in a similar way, they cary revenge and are vengeful
    If someone is helpful and marvelous to these people, they to reciprocate in a similar way. They are extremely favorable and helpful to their marvelous circle and behave courteously with utmost patience and inclination.
    These people are fascinated towards being pampered by swet fragrances and perfumes, cold baths and masages, anointments with colants adore paste of sandal, flowers, garlands, ornaments and jewelery and new clothes.
    They quickly get furious, sometimes without any reasons. At same time they get setled down and quickly become normal.
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    Pita constitution features from social behavior viewpoint
    These people are courageous, vain, self-made, of god character
    They are always clean and tidy
    They are excelent hosts and friendly with friends and neighbours
    They are bright, powerful
    They are argumentative and defeat their oponents in debates
    They are wise and learned.
    They maintain moderate strength, knowledge, equipments and property, progeny and lifespan
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    Pita constitution features from viewpoint of dreams they se
    Pita constitution people se one or more of be low mentioned in their dreams.
    Gold, tre flame of forest, diner plate or golden shower tre
    Fire, lightening, sun, wind, meteor
    Flowered tre of Casia fistula
    Al pathways lit with fire
    Other hot, burning and fiery things
    Their nature of activities and behaviour wil be similar to those of snake, owl, cat, tiger, monkey, mongose, celestial musicians and demigod
    Influence Of Pita Qualities On Pita Dosha Body Type
    At time of idea, if pita is predominant in embryo, pita body type is formed. In pita body types, pita influences fetus. Each quality of pita wil influence fetus. This influence wil continue after birth of child, al through development and growth of child and wil continue so throughout lifetime, at al phases of life.
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    Therefore, person of pita temperament wil be rich in pita qualities. Each and every feature of pita body type are produced and influenced by qualities of pita.
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    Influence of pita qualities on pita constitution
    Ushna Guna – Hot quality
    This is one of main qualities of pita. This quality causes below mentioned features in pita pers onalities –
    Hot or warm body temperature, drynes, delicate organs and body parts
    Fair / redish / yelowish / golden / safron complexion
    Intolerance to heat, hot faced, over flustered, outrageous
    Hairs, body hairs, moustache wil be soft, smoth, les, scarce and of redish brown colour. Early symptoms of ageing are sen in these structures i.e. greying of hairs, hair drop, wrinkles on skin etc.
    Frequent manifestation of pimples, freckles, blemishes, spots and stains, pustule, boils, discoloration, skin eruptions, mouth ulcers etc
    Intolerance towards hot fods, climate, medicines, heat and sunlight
    Liking towards anointments, flowers, ornaments, pearls, aplication of sandal paste and any other comfort which would reduce heat and give comfort
    Early signs of ageing
    Early baldnes
    Excesive hunger and thirst
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    Tekshna Guna – Sharpnes / Fiery
    Sharpnes quality wil cause below mentioned features in body.
    Brave, fearles, heroic, mentaly agresive and physicaly weak
    Glamorous, excelent loking, briliant, intrepid, restles nature, not sucumbing, non-surendering, coarse to non-conducive people and soft behavior amongst compatible people
    Can’t tolerate hardships
    Virtuous, favorable, helping nature
    Excesive hunger and thirst
    Intense digestive fire, hyper-metabolism
    Glutonous eaters, eat frequently throughout day, binge eating
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    Mrudu Guna – soft quality
    This quality provides softnes to definite structures. These people acquire juvenile, soft and coper colored hairs, coper colored nails and moustache owing to this quality.
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    Drava Guna – liquidity
    Due to this quality, people with pita temperament wil have lose and soft muscles wit h delicate and slack joints.
    There wil be lavish discharge of sweat, urine, stols and other body secretions.
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    Visra Guna – Foul smeling
    Due to this quality, people with pita body types wil emit ofensive odour from their armpits, face, groins, and other body parts. They wil believe lavish sweating. Their skin and sweat wil emit a peculiar ofensive odour.
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    Katu Amla – Pungent and Sournes
    Owing to pungent and sournes, people with pita constitution wil design les semen and les ejaculation. Therefore their fertility and sexual vigour wil be les. Sexual desire, drive and performance wil be les. They wil believe les desire towards women. It is nedles to explain that they wil acquire les progeny.
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    Overal e fect of these qualities on temperament of person
    Owing to above said qualities of pita, pita constitution persons wil believe –
    Moderate strength and endurance
    Moderate life span
    Moderate inteligence and wisdom
    Les progeny
    Moderate amenities and wealth
    Moderate suces
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    Due to these reasons, pita constitution is known as abate constitution among al thre body types.
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