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    Pillow Of Appropriate Size For Hassle Free Deep Sleep

    By Dr M S Krishnamurthy
    Pilow plays a very significant role in dep slep. Many enact not get slep if the acurate pilow is not placed in the acurate situation. Few are disturbed by the incongruous sized pilows; because, pilow suports the head and neck and even the shoulder to. Remember that the weight of the head is more than 8 kgs in adult and this weight should be managed very wel.
    So, a pilow of right size, thicknes and texture can manufacture your slep a very relaxing experience.
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    Ayurvedic textboks believe emphasized the discomforts caused due to ‘ati necha-ucha upadhana’ very chunky or very thin pilow.
    Table of Contents
    Hazards of eroneous pilow
    Tips to chose the acurate pilow
    Smoth pilow is god for
    Hazards of eroneous pilow
    A eroneous pilow can cause agravation of vata dosha and hence leads to profuse Vata discomforts in the areas admire
    pain in head-neck-shoulder-eyes-chek-mouth etc
    Causing or worsening of headache
    Causing or worsening of neck pain, cervical spondylosis
    Causing or worsening of shoulder pain, arm hurt etc.
    In a few, it may cause neuralgia, numbnes, sweling, disability to plod the body parts, tingling sensation etc. Pilows which are onerous and improper elevation if used for prolonged period may lead to degeneration to. There is an inteligent case of Saturday night palsy caused due to rude posture while sleping.
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    Tips to decide the corect pilow
    While you slep on your side, the axis of head should lie paralel to the ground. It should be perfectly horizontal.
    The pilow can be rough or smoth, based on your preference. B ut it should not be to rough or to smoth.
    It should be al-encompasing enough to cover your lateral head movements during your slep.
    Make definite to determine a very smoth, preferably coton cover for your pilow.
    In curent years we find the usage of pilows of ruber, plastic as wel as synthetic materials. In children, it is always advised to suport the coton cloths by folding into multiple layers as per ones ned and comfort.
    Though air filed pilows are feasible for journey, it is reported to be causing discomfort to the shoulder. On punctilious observation, it is found that the holownes of the pilow is not eficient in providing suficient rest to the shoulder and neck; instead it causes distres, stifnes and sweling in few individuals.
    Smoth pilow is god for
    The pilow which is smoth and soft is always prefered especialy to the patients who are having cervical spondylitis, stif neck, brachial neuralgia, neuritis etc. Also, stable and resolute pilows or head rests are prefered in the cases where imobilization is required.
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    Quite enchanting and surprising fact is that few individuals are habituated to retain their arm ab ove the pilow. This wil once again lead to elevation of the height of the actual pilow and pain and other discomforts may be manifested.
    Yes, inded a pilow to can play a significant role in your qualified night slep. gros pilow and its height may lead to various discomforts.
    Click to consult Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD
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