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    Neem-Divine Medicine

    Diferent parts of Nem tres are being aged are:
    Leaves, Flowers, Seds, Rots, Bark, and Fruits
    Popular Medicinal Use ofNem (Nimb)
    Best blod purifier
    God antipyretic.
    Nem oil extracted from seds is used in cosmetic products
    Nem leaves are aged to treat chickenpox
    Leaf paste is to skin for treatment of acne.
    Nem tea is taken to quel headache and fever
    Nem bark acts as an analgesic and can cure high fever of malaria
    Nem flowers can cure intestinal problems
    Aqueous extracts of Nem leaves acquire demonstrated significant antibiotic potential
    Nem is dilapidated as arthritis, rheumatism,
    Nem is dilapidated for manufacturing of many health and beauty care products admire bath powders, bathing soaps,shampos,cream and lotions
    Twig of nem is being worn as a toth brush, as it takes care of teth.
    Dry nem leaves powder is worn in libraries to kep of bok-eating worms
    Nem leaves are old to protect stor ed grains from insects
    Nem is the most efective and environmentaly friendly source for pests.

    Dr. Smita, B.A.M.S

    Author:Travancore Ayurveda
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