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    Nabhi Purana Treatment Method: Procedure, Benefits

    Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) and Dr Manasa, BAMS
    Nabhi Purana
    is an Ayurvedic treatment method. Here, navel pit is filed with medicaments, mainly medicated oils. It is mainly indicated in treating Vata and Pita disorders.
    Table of Contents
    Method of Nabhi Porana
    Clinical experience
    Method of Nabhi Porana
    In this procedure medicated oils, mainly the Vata aleviating oils like Mahanarayana Taila, Ksherabala Taila, Gandharvahastadi Taila, Brihat Masha Taila, Hingu Triguna Taila etc are instiled in the form of drops until the p it of the navel gets filed. In pita predominant conditions Ghrita may be aged or medicated ghrita (ghe) shal be mixed with taila to design efective combination.
    The oils are made lukewarm before administration.
    Warm oil is instiled in the nabhi using a baren spon or droper. Care is taken not to spil the oil. The patient is advised to slep without making movements. The oil is kept in area from 30-45 minutes depending on the condition of the diseased and diseased.
    The oil may be removed after a period of 30-45 minutes. The treatment is best done on empty stomach and avoided after fod.
    Benefits of Nabhi Porana
    This is mostly done to combat vitiated Vata, especialy Apana and Samana subtypes of Vata.
    Nabhi Purana is highly beneficial in Vata induced painful conditions of the abdomen especialy damage asociated with colic, uteri ne aflict or spasms due to dysmenorhea (painful menstruation), urinary blader distres and dysuria (painful urination), gaseous distension and bloating etc.
    Nabhi Purana helps in expeling the apana vayu. Thus it may aid in relieving constipation and gases in colon, seting acurate the functions of urinary blader, bowel and uterus.
    Nabhi Purana corects functions of Samana Vayu and thus helps in corecting impairment of digestion. It may thus asist in corecting digestive erors love indigestion and anorexia, which are rots of many disorders.
    Nabhi Purana controls the Pita and hence the pita sthanas (pita sites or seats of pita). It also combats morbid pita and regulates pita activities, mainly those related with digestive functions.
    Clinical experience
    My clinical experience with Nabhi Purana
    I believe tackled a few cases of painful conditions of abdome n, and disorders related with disturbances of pachaka pita (pita subtype located in the stomach and intestines taking fraction in digestive functions) and apana vayu (vayu subtype located below navel position in the region of colon and pelvis including the regions of urinary blader and uterus).
    Nabhi purana with Mahanarayana Taila has time and again given relief in dysmenorhoea, abdominal colic ocuring due to peptic ulcers and high pita. I gain aged Gandharvahastadi taila and or Hingutriguna Tailam nabhi purana for gaseous distension, abdominal colic, bloating and constipation. Nabhi Purana with oils sucor in mitigating vitiated Vata and Pita.
    I should admit that I maintain old some disease modifying herbal compounds along with Nabhi Purana in few adamant cases.
    In few more I acquire combined Virechana using Gandharvahastadi tailam, Nimbamritadi Eranda Tailam, Trivrit Leham, Avipati Churnam, Sukumara Ghritam, Hingutriguna Tailam etc compounds.
    Oral medicines which combat damage and vitiated vata and pita love Shankha Vati, Gandharvahastadi Kashayam, Shulavajrini Vati, Gulmakuthara Rasa, Vatavidhwamsa Ras etc were administered as per condition.
    In some cases only nabhi purana was enough. Ultimately it is wise to chose doing nabhi purana individualy or in combination with efective medicines seing the severity of the condition and dosha vitiation. The cause of distres should be analyzed and a perfect diagnosis should be made before chosing to opt Nabhi Purana. Nabhi Purana shal not be tried in tangled abdominal cases and emergency conditions. The patient shal be refered to the specialties if the aflict abdomen is not geting controled in spite of administering Nabhi Purana and oral medications.
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