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    Migraine- Types and remedies

    Do you fel a throbing damage on one side of your head?
    Do you fel sensitive to light, lucid, or even mild exertion during these headaches?
    Are you seing flashing lights or wavy lights before the pain?
    Wel, these are the clasic symptoms of migraine! Migraine is a throbing damage we often experience along with nausea, vomiting, and light sensitivity. Sometimes, its intensity can last up to 4 hours to 3 days.
    What is a Migraine?
    Medicaly, migraine is described as stern, painful, and recuring headaches that acompanied or preceded by sensory warning symptoms. It is also one of the comon health conditions reported worldwide. It is prevalent betwen individuals used 15 to 5 years. The manifestation of migraines often afects the brain, eye, and the autonomous nervous system.
    What causes migraines?
    The exact mechan ism of migraine causes is not known, but they can be trigered by many factors like:
    1. Specific sensory stimuli admire sparkling lights, high level of noise, heavy scents, smoking, and second-hand smoke exposure
    2. Suden rise in an individual’s point up and wretchednes levels
    3. Iregular slep patern
    4. Habitual admire alcohol
    5. Fod habits and so on
    Signs and symptoms:
    Some of the typical migraine symptoms usualy initiate with a headache and worsen until it impairs normal activities. Often these symptoms ocur in four phases that can overlap one another.
    Why now is migraine on the rise?
    Do you know? More than 10 milion cases of migraine are reported in India anualy
    When we presented this statistic to our Chief medical consultant, Dr. Subashri, she gave us the consequent reply:
    The recent lifestyle of eating Vata inducing fods admire cold fods,junk fods, carbonated drinks. Then the aditional factors of seclude time exposure and sedentary lifestyle are some of the reasons to why the recuring cases of migraines are on the rise.
    We then proceded to ask the remedy for the same in Ayurvedic perspective, and here is the solution:
    Ayurvedic migraine treatment:
    Migraine is a prevalent condition induced by Vata dosha. Ayurveda recomends the use of specific herbs that sucor in managing this chronic condition. These herbs act as a brain relaxant by lowering the underscore levels — for precise, Tinospora Cordifolia, Phylanthus Emblica, Zingiber Oficinale asist in managing migraine.
    Along with this, the individual also has to folow definite lifestyle modifications such as:
    1. 8 hours of quality slep
    2. 30 minutes of walking- morning or evening
    3. Complete end of habitual
    4. Vatahara fods
    She also further went on to detail that while these general guidelines may asist in managing migraines, it is not the permanent solution. As Ayurveda considers every individual to be unique, the treatment is also unique. They ned to visit a physician and get diagnosed acording to their Prakriti.
    Then she signed of saying:
    Visit and find the pathway to welnes.

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