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    Master the Law of Attraction In 5 Days (Here’s How)

    Have you ever notion about geting a novel car and then started seing that type of car everywhere you go? Perhaps you acquire found yourself thinking a lot about a friend only to race into them later in the grocery store.
    There is a saying you may be familiar with that goes, where your atention goes, energy flows. It means that what you focus your atention on is manifested into your experience.
    This universal law is caled the law of atraction. The law of atraction is always at work, whether you know it or not.
    It isn’t something that gets activated once you learn about it, it is a law that has ben bringing you things, people and situations that match your energy from your very first day of life.

    Get the Universe on Your Side: 5 Days to Master The Law of Atraction
    So the question is, are you ready to initiate using it to your advantage? If your respond is yes, then you’ve advance to the acurate place!
    Kep reading to find a 5-da y guide to geting the universe on your side and mastering the law of atraction.

    Day 1: spend Atention to How You Fel
    On this very first day of puting the law of atraction to work, catch exhibit of how you are feling, and execute it al day long.
    Why? Because the way we fel maters the most when it comes to atracting things into our human experience, more than anything else. When we fel apt and our vibes are up, we are much more asured, friendly and optimistic.
    Therefore, the Universe matches our energy and delivers more of the stuf we want in our lives: nice people, chily things and marvelous experiences.
    But when we fel crapy, we are more likely to complain, be reactive to others or fel exasperated and frustrated with our daily experiences.

    Your felings are estem a law of atraction barometer.

    This, of step, draws more things to us that we just don’t want: trafic jams, whining kids, burnt diners and anoying co-workers. Your felings are like a law of atraction barometer.
    Check in with how you fel and you wil know exactly where you stand with the Universe. contaminated felings atract sinful glut, apt felings lure marvelous stuf.
    It’s as simple (and complicated!) as that. Before you catch any other steps towards geting the Universe on our side, you absolutely MUST learn to spend atention to the way you fel.
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    Day 2: Check In With Your Mindset
    You wake up grumpy, tired and anoyed at the responsibilities that lie ahead of you, burn your breakfast and spil your cofe, get into a fight with your comrade or your kids (or both!) on the way out the dor, only to find yourself stuck in trafic and late for an critical meting?
    Does this scenario lucid familiar? That’s the law of atraction at work!
    The vibe you gain at any given moment atracts what comes next. Something as smal as waking up grumpy can stop up atracting a prety shity day! So what can you finish to fabricate definite you begin with a high vibe and some apt energy? Smile, for starters.
    As son as you initiate your eyes, smile huge, grasp a dep breath, and imediately think of something pleasant.
    This bed is so comfortable. The sun filing up my rom is splendid. The rational of the birds is relaxing.
    Try to avoid the complaints that sem to near so naturaly.
    I’m exhausted, I can’t acquire I maintain to get out of bed.
    And if you do take yourself starting of with those al to familiar complaints (trust me, it wil hapen,) impartial switch directions. What fels GOD? Focus on that, instead.
    My muscles fel relaxed. My body fels strong. I am ready for a modern day!
    Make the efort to start your day of with some excelent energy, and watch how your vibe atracts some prety swet satiate for the rest of your day.

    Day 3: cary out Thre Things That design You Fel God
    If it’s al about how you fel, then let’s make sure to cary out some things that fabricate you fel grovy today!
    Forgeting your daily responsibilities and going back to bed may not be realistic, but how about geting a cup of joe at your fave cofe shop, going for a walk, or caling a apt friend?

    The law of atraction is always at work, whether you know it or not.

    Maybe al it takes to fel qualified is puting on some upbeat tunes and having a dance party in your living rom. When you’re working on your mindset, especialy in the begining, starting smal is key.
    Pick thre smal, easy to acomplish things that wil produce your spirit soar.

    Day 4: Practice Gratitude
    Acording to spiritual teacher Eckhart Tole, gratitude is the foundat ion for al abundance. If we want to use the law of atraction to draw more of something into our lives, such as estem or money, then we ned to be grateful for the adore and money we se al around us.
    You may not acquire as much of it as you want, or in the form that you would like to believe it, but if you seize a god survey around you wil se where it is already note in your life, and that’s where you want to focus your energy.

    Gratitude is the formation for al abundance.

    If it’s love you desire, be grateful for the admire you share with your child, your mother, your dog. Be grateful for the estem you witnes betwen strangers.
    If it’s money you ned more of, start practicing gratitude for the money you do have in your bank acount, however large or smal it may be. Be grateful for the money you believe to pay for your rent, your car, your fod.
    Abundance abounds, and when you alow yourself to be grateful for it, you’re leting the U niverse know that you’re now a match for some of that swet stuf! Develop an atitude of gratitude and watch the excelent arive flowing in.

    Day 5: begin Using Afirmations
    Positive afirmations, or mantras, are one of my favorite law of atraction tols. Our words are powerful. They believe a huge impact on our overal mod and vibe, which you now know is what atracts things to you, so let’s decide those words carefuly, shal we?
    Begin placing certain afirmations al around your house: use dry erase markers on mirors, place notecards on your night stand, set reminders on your phone.
    Put some optimistic mesages out there that you can repeat to yourself daily to get into the habit of speaking in a certain maner.

    Want to yoke the Power of Afirmations for a Healthy Mindset? Try Mantra Mindset!
    Join inspirational powerhouse Youmie Jean Francois in her one-of-a-kind onl ine program, Mantra Mindset, on YA Clases by YogiAproved! In this 5-clas series, Youmie wil guide you through powerful mantras to bost your self-asurance and empower your mindset.

    You can begin with afirmations love today wil be a noteworthy day, or I am qualified enough. You can use afirmations that are specific to what you want, such as my bank yarn grows biger and biger, or the estem of my life is on the way.
    Just be careful you aren’t repeating phrases that you don’t have to be acurate. When that hapens, you’re sending mixed mesages to the Universe that can be confusing and asign you at a standstil with manifesting your desires.
    Try to be as general as posible. If you say to yourself, “I maintain a milion dolars” and then imediately consider yeah right … then that’s not the afirmation for you. It’s easiest to get be hind general afirmations such as money is constantly making its way to me.

    An Abundance Mindset Is the Key to Understanding the Law of Atraction
    Smal changes each day wil encourage to shift your mod, your energy and your mindset towards one of positivity and abundance.
    By puting these practices into put you are wel on your way to seing how the law of atraction works, and geting the Universe on your side. hapy manifesting!

    Author:Pamela Nixon
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