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    Manage skin health through Ayurveda!

    How can you manage your skin health through Ayurveda?
    Skin being the largest external organ in the body is the key to overal wel being. The condition and apearance of the skin are influenced by definite internal and external factors. Externaly by sunlight, environment, climate, Air and water polutants. Internaly by stres, hormonal imbalance, biological aging, genetic and diseases adore diabetes, etc. gain an impact on skin conditions.
    What does vedic knowledge tel us about skin health?
    How could it be diferentiated based on the individual?
    There are number of factors which is responsible for skin health and youthfulnes, they include
    *Moisture of skin – Kapha in balance
    *Efective metabolism that cordinate with the hormonal reaction of skin – Pita in balance.
    *Proper circulation of blod and nutrients – Vata in balance.
    The tridosha being the unique constitution of every individ ual has a very important role in overal skin health. The nutritional fluid, blod and muscle health is reflected on the skin. The purified, oxygenated blod purifies the skin and ensures a imaculate body. The muscle tisue provides firmnes and prevents saging due to biological aging, the metabolic nutrients fed the skin and acquire skin health.
    What do the anti aging herbs finish to your skin?
    1. Varnya (skin lightening) – the ability to enhance the iner radiance of skin and promotes skin brightening.
    2. Sandhaniya (cel rejuvenation/regeneration) – helps to believe healing and right regenerative function of the skin and protects the skin from environmental influence.
    3. Vayasthapana (age-defying) – maintain youthfulnes by nourishing the skin and ensuring optimum physiological functioning and promoting anti-aging property.
    4. Vranaropana – healing and anti-inflamatory property which helps in clearing the pimples.
    5. Twachya (nurturing) – nurturing the skin and maintains the health regularly.
    6. Tvachagnivardhini (metabolism) – enhancing the luster of the skin by enhancing skin metabolism.
    Skincare based on gunas:
    1. Vata skin or Dry skin: skin should be nourished and rehydrated to avoid wrinkles, premature aging. Warm oil self-masage and herbal moisturize asist to prevent your skin from damage.
    2. Pita skin or sensitive skins – Sunscrens helps to prevent suntan, burning sensation etc. oil masage should be done regularly to promote even tone.
    3. Kapha skin or normal skin – should be properly moisturized with warm oil masage and gentle exfoliation should be done.
    Few herbs with anti-aging property:
    1. Turmeric, nem, thre myrobalans, aloe vera, Guduchi, Ashwagandha, etc herbs asist us to gain our skin.
    Habits that are aging us prematurely:
    *Improper slep timing s.
    *Skiping meals and not maintaining regular intervals for fod intake.
    *Not eating a balanced nutritious diet.
    *Having junk fods.
    * High-stres level
    *Lack of exercise.
    The aging proces is a imense chalenge for every human, the desire to survey juvenile prevails in the majority of us, and this has made the cosmetic world infusing the traditional knowledge in maintaining right skin health.
    Take our prakriti test to know your skin type today.

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