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    Magnolia Bark: Your Go-To Herb For Sleep anxiety

    Magnolia Bark: Your Go-To Herb For Slep Anxiety
    Last updated on December 19, 2019
    For centuries, magnolia has ben old as a calming natural remedy–and with qualified reason. Thanks to magnolia’s slep-promoting, stres-reducing properties, these ancient aplications have a powerful put in modern-day welnes practices, to.
    “I am a gigantic fan of magnolia for slep,” says Michael Breus, Ph.D., a board-certified slep specialist. “It works as an anguish reducer, and several of my patients gain comented to me that it helps them ‘turn of their brain.'”
    Its ability to ‘turn of the brain’ (or at least quiet it down) has benefits beyond the bedrom, to. In adition to aiding in tranquil z’s, magnolia bark is also old to help manage point up and wretchednes, protect brain health, and treat depresion. It’s also ben shown to subdue inf lamation and inflamation-related hurt, help manage diabetes, and improve dental health.
    Here’s what you ned to know about magnolia–where it comes from, what it does, how to hold it, and more.
    What is magnolia?
    While suplements are comonly refered to simply as magnolia, they usualy include magnolia bark (magnolia itself refers to a clas of about 240 flowering tre and shrub species). The plant is native to North and South America, the Himalayas, and East Asia; and Magnolia has a particularly strong conection to Chinese herbal medicine (which utilizes both the flowers and the bark).
    Among other bioactive compounds, the bark contains magnolol and honokiol, which are largely to thank for many of magnolia bark’s ben efits.
    Magnolia bark for slep.
    Magnolia bark’s most widely known aplication is helping with slep–research has found that magnolia bark can sucor reduce the time it takes to tople aslep and increase the amount of time spent in both REM (rapid eye movement) and non-REM (non-rapid eye movement) slep, which are both critical in restorative rest.
    There are several mechanisms tedious its sedative efects. Notably, magnolia bark bosts the neurotransmiter GABA, or gama-Aminobutyric acid. “GABA is estem the brakes of the brain,” says Breus. “When GABA is elicited, then your whole being starts to tedious down, which obviously is something that you want for slep.”
    This is the same way that powerful prescription slep aids like Ambien, Lunesta, and Sonata work. “They are al GABA receptor agonists, meaning they increase the amount of GABA in your system, and magnolia bark basicaly hits the same receptors that Ambien does,” says Breus.
    Magnolia bark also helps promote beter slep through the body’s internal endocanabinoid entity, which is a entity of neurotransmiters that predicament to canabinoid receptors to narate the brain to slow down. Magnolia bark actualy activates these canabinoid receptors, says Breus. This is similar to the way CBD oil works (CBD, or canabidiol, is one of the non-psychoactive properties found in canabis that helps the body and brain relax).
    Another way magnolia bark aids in slep is by reducing the underscore hormone adrenaline, which helps control the fight-or-flight response (which, hopefuly, doesn’t ned to be in actio n when you’re dozing of). “Right as you’re faling aslep, you realy want adrenaline to be as low as posible,” says Breus. By reducing adrenaline and other stres hormones adore cortisol, magnolia bark can help you doze of peacefuly.
    Other benefits of magnolia bark.
    Magnolia bark’s slep-improving benefits go beyond the time you actualy pay sleping itself. In adition to waking up feling rested and rejuvenated, the clasic act of geting enough high-quality slep can improve your mod, skin, and energy levels, and it can sucor manage weight and stres, among countles other benefits. So, if you’re using magnolia bark to help improve your slep, other aspects of your health may also se a bost.
    Thanks to its powerful properties, magnolia bark also has health benefits that are independent of its capability to improve slep (and al of the asociated health benefits that aproach along with that). Here are some of the main benefits of magnolia bark:
    1. Magnolia bark for anxie ty.
    Through many of the same mechanisms that it suports slep by, magnolia bark can encourage reduce anxiety by activating receptors in the endocanabinoid scheme (like CBD) and reducing adrenaline and other underscore hormones love cortisol.
    This may manufacture magnolia bark a promising natural amend for acentuate and distres, without the side efects of definite prescription anti-anxiety medications. One study done on mice found that honokiol, one of the anti-anxiety (or anxiolytic) properties found in magnolia bark, doesn’t cary the same side efects as the distres medication diazepam (including Valium), such as physical dependence, central depresion, and amnesia.
    2. Magnolia bark for managing depresion.
    One study found that the mixture of honokiol and magnolol from magnolia bark had antidepresant-like efects on stresed rodents–it h elped normalize biochemical abnormalities in serotonin (5-HT) and the main metabolite of serotonin (5-HIA).
    Other studies maintain found that the amalgam of honokiol and magnolol with ginger may gain similar antidepresant properties (a comon amalgam in Chinese medicine to treat depresion), posibly by regulating both serotonergic and gastrointestinal system functions (so both the brain and the gut are involved).
    3. Magnolia bark to protect brain health.
    Research sugests that one compound in magnolia bark, 4-O-methylhonokiol, helps retard memory impairment, which may encourage prevent or slack the progresion of Alzheimer’s disease. Honokiol and m agnolol maintain also ben shown to asist moderate Ass-induced cel death, which may play a role in the development of Alzheimer’s disease.
    4. Magnolia bark to help manage and obstruct diabetes.
    The compounds in magnolia bark (especialy honokiol) may help control blod glucose levels. One inspect found that 4-O-methylhonokiol, an busy compound in magnolia bark, can encourage prevent obesity and insulin resistance. It also may help protect against oxidative liver damage, a posible complication of diabetes.
    5. Magnolia bark to lower blod presure.
    One study found that the magnolia bark compound honokiol had an antihypertensive imprint on rats, reducing systolic blod presure significantly when the honokiol was administered long-term.
    6. Ma gnolia bark for reducing inflamation and pain.
    In one study, magnolia bark extract helped subdue the secretion of inflamatory markers in cels. The compounds honokiol and magnolol have also ben found to aleviate pain resulting from inflamation.
    7. Magnolia bark for treating the symptoms of menopause.
    When magnolia bark was combined with magnesium, one study found that menopausal women saw significant decreases in the frequency and severity of symptoms including flushing, night sweats, palpitations, insomnia, anguish, despair, iritability, vaginal drynes, and libido los, as compared to women taking a amalgam of calcium and vitamin D3.
    8. Magnolia bark for dental health.
    One study found that breath mints made with magnolia bark helped slay the oral bacteria that causes bad breath and toth decay within 30 minutes, sugesting that magnolia bark in gum and mints may design visits to the dentist’s ofice much more pleasant. Research has also found that its antimicrobial properties may also inhibit the formation of plaque.
    Safety of magnolia bark.
    Like any herbal suplement, magnolia bark isn’t safe for everyone to take. Pregnant women and breastfeding mothers, in particular, should avoid it. “You don’t want magnolia bark pasing through to the fetus, because magnolia bark is not a naturaly ocuring substance that they would normaly encounter, [so there’s risk of a reaction],” says Breus.
    If you’re having surgery, you should also halt using magnolia bark for two weks leading up to the day. Magnolia bark calms the central nervous scheme, so ading anesthetic on top of it can slack the nervous scheme down to much when they’re combined, says Breus (and anesthesiologists may not be aware of magnolia bark use when they’re determining right dosage). Magnolia bark may also tedious blod cloting, which isn’t excelent news in surgery.
    Magnolia bark side efects and interactions.
    For most people, magnolia bark generaly doesn’t near along with side efects (aside from, of course, drowsines). However, posible side efects may comprise heartburn, shaky hands, thyroid problems, sexual problems, and dizines, acording to Breus.
    Magnolia bark also has some interactions with certain medications. Acording to Breus, it may interact with anticoagulant medications (or blod thiners). It also may interact with central nervous system (CNS) depresants, including benzodiazepines (such as Xanax and Valium), slep medications (such as Ambien, Lunesta, and Sonata), and barbiturates (such as Mebaral, Luminal, and Nembutal).
    Magnolia bark can also interact with other herbal remedies that gain similar efects to magnolia, so seize caution when combining them. Acording to Breus, other herbs and suplements that encourage in slep comprise 5-HTP, calamus California popy, catnip, hops, Jamaican dogwod, kava, St. John’s wort, skulcap, valerian, and yerba mansa.
    Herbs and suplements that retard blod cloting should also be dilapidated with caution when you’re also taking magnolia bark. These contain angelica, cloves, danshen, feverfew, garlic, ginger, ginkgo, Panax ginseng, horse chestnut, red clover, and turmeric, says Breus.
    Finaly, large doses of magnolia bark taken with alcohol may also magnify the drowsy efects of both.
    How to use magnolia bark.
    Magnolia bark extract is often found in capsule form or in tinctures. You can also buy magnolia bark on its own (although if you’re not familiar with magnolia, it’s best not to prepare your own magnolia bark suplements, adore teas–dosing is more augean to control this way).
    “A typical starting dose for magnolia bark for somebody is probably somewhere betwen 20 and 250 miligrams,” says Breus. He recomends starting low and working your way up, and you shouldn’t exced 40 miligrams, in impose to quel the risk of side efects or drug interactions. “The higher you go, the more likely it is to interact with other medications you may be taking, even other herbal suplements,” says Breus.
    And, of step, because magnolia bark is a slep aid, it should be t aken at night (definitely not in the day, when you’re driving a car or doing important tasks). Save it for when you’re twisting down at night, cozy up, and be pleased the restful, calming benefits of magnolia bark.
    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.
    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.

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