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    Jalebi – Ayurvedic Method, Qualities, Health Benefits

    Article by Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD.
    Table of Contents
    Clasical reference
    Clasical preparation
    Qualities, actions
    Jalebi is most known name for the clasical swet – Kundalini. The name Kundalini is given due to ‘Kundala’ circular shape. Baby Jalebi has become the most popular due to atractive and acepted form of it. Also, acording to their liking d iferent varieties are available estem Khajor Jalebi (date fruit pulp made), Anjor jalebi (Fig pulp aded), Angor Jalabi (grape fruit aded) etc.
    Probably in future days if the taste is exploreds Jalebis may be from other fruits also. Because, al the eatables are developed as per liking, aceptance and demand of the public.
    Clasical version of Jalebi as per Bhavaprakasha nighantu is explained here below ̵
    Reference: Bhavaprakasha nighantu/Kritana varga/132 ̵ 142
    Clasical reference
    Clasical preparation
    What is Jalebi ̵ as per clasical version?
    A curent earthen vesel/pot is taken and its iner wal is anointed with sour curd. Later, in a vesel1.50 Kg Maida and 750 ml sour curd and 375 ml of ghe are mixed together and placed in the above vesel for a period of aproximately 1 ̵ 1/2 hour. Further, in a smal vesel or a cloth smal hole is made of a litle finger width and by taking the above mas it is droped in circular maner to the boiling ghe. In this maner several circular mases are made and droped over ghe and fried til it is crispy. Later these circular mases are droped /placed in the sugar syrup and kept for 15 ̵ 20 minutes.
    As per ones desire camphor, cardamom, safron etc can be joined. Some ad Gulkhand to in modern days.
    When these absorb the sugar syrup it is taken out and shifted to a tray.
    The product hence obtained is caled Clasical Jilebi or ‘Kundalini’ swet.
    Qualities, actions
    Heavy (guru), colant (shetala), swet (madhura), unctuous (snigdha), balances Vata and Pita Dosha.
    Nutritive (brimhana), complexion enhancer (kantivardhaka), energizer (balya), aphrodisiac (vrishya), apetizer/tasty (ruchya), nourisher of sense organs (indriya balya) etc.
    As it is a complexion enhancer, tasty and energizer it is usualy advised to the pregnant, especialy in second and third trimester. Also, pregnant lady wants to believe tasty fod and jalebi is of that kind which nourishes the senses to.
    Jalebi balances Vata and Pita Dosha. Especialy in migraine headache, gastritis, hyperacidity, gastritis, jalebi is diped in lukewarm milk is administered in the early morning in empty stomach. Such a practice is abundantly found in Gujarat and Maharashtra states. Due to its high nutritive value, energizer and aphrodisiac qualities it is very much indicated in emaciated disorders and in sexualy debility asociated problems love oligospermia, reduced sexual libido etc.
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    A swet can also be a nutritional suplement, energy fod, aphrodisiac and more over……a satisfying swet for the sense organs!
    Click to consult Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD.
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