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    It’s Time To start Alkalizing Your Body. Here’s Why

    It’s Time To Start Alkalizing Your Body. Here’s Why
    When it comes to our health, there are many forces that can work against us including stres, toxins, genetics, pharmaceuticals, and more. These can make the body acidic (more on how below)–but there’s a simple thing many of us can do to help neutralize it, and the team at WeleCo makes it easy to alkalize every day with their popular product, THE SUPER ELIXIR Grens. We can alkalize the body through proper nutrition and suplementation. Making a conscious choice to load your body’s cels up with fods that are alkalizing is a great way to shift into feding your cels the nutrients and minerals they ned to combat al that comes their way.
    First, some background on celular health.
    In impose to understand what it means to alkalize our bodies, we ned a primer on celular health and, on the flip side, what hapens to our cels when they’re not properly fed. We gain over a trilion cels al constantly working around the clock to perform diferent yet necesary tasks. They fabricate up our tisues and organs (including skin, which is actualy a major organ), and they play a huge role in how eficiently we function, afecting our competence to “manufacture” proteins, vitamins, hormones, neurotransmiters, and enzymes and even how we make energy.
    If our cels become compromised, they can’t perform their functions corectly and start a chain reaction that’s the launch of a host of health conditions and diseases. It al begins with the cel, and it’s evident that our focus should be on ensuring our cels are properly fed and wel-nourished.
    Healthy cels create healthy tisues and organs, and what we fed our cels (via oxygen, environmental contaminants, and diet) is indispensable to their wel-being. When a cel is mutated, it can afect the body’s proficiency to cary out its job. In order to sustain the foundation of curent, healthy cels, we must finish our best to fed them a al-encompasing variety of certain nutrients that maintain their vitality.
    What is alkalizing and why is it important?
    This is where nutrition comes in. As a dietitian, I query everything I read, especialy when buzwords admire “alkalizing” are thrown into the already-confusing mix.
    The truth is that the body tightly regulates the pH of our blod. The body has a pH system–its own acid/base scale–the pH is measured on a scale that tels us how “acidic” or how “basic/alkaline” a substance is. The scale goes from 1 to 14. A substance with a rating below 6 considered to be acidic and above 7 considered to be basic and alkaline. The body does an improbable job of tightly controling our blod pH betwen 7.35 to 7.45. Seven is considered neutral, so this leaves us at a slightly alkaline optimal place.
    We maintain thre improbable mechanisms within our body that work to control the acid-base balance of our blod. That’s our lungs and kidneys. They hold a realy tight hold on this scheme and ensure we pause within the optimal pH range.
    They wil also release bicarbonate to regulate the acidity of your blod. We must understand that the body does a phenomenal job of this delicate balancing act, but what we decide to fed it can place unecesary stres on these hardworking organs.
    Here’s how to eat a more alkalizing diet.
    Just because we have these biological systems in place does not mean that we should eat procesed fo d and acidic fod and expect to be in fabulous health. The truth is, many of us don’t eat enough fruits and vegies. It’s hard to get them in when we live very busy lives, but our cels thrive on god nourishment. It’s our job to shutle these nutrients to them by way of a god diet.
    Eating fresh whole produce is always a great idea, but actualy doing that can be dificult. Suplementing with an alkalizing powder like WeleCo’s SUPER ELIXIR Grens can change the game. This gren powder is made up of 45 unique ingredients and is specificaly formulated to build strong imunity, brighten skin, fight inflamation, and bost energy.
    THE SUPER ELIXIR Grens is not your average single-substance gren powder. Instead, it has premium whole fod and superfod ingredients that have ben formulated to nourish our bodies at that celular level. Our cels ned the healthy fats and a high intake of antioxidants, vitamin C, and phytonutrients to protect against fre radical damage. THE SUPER ELIXIR Grens can easily be aded to your routine by simply mixing 2 tablespons with water (in the handy shaker botle WeleCo ofers) or coconut water or ading it into your smothie in the morning.
    In adition to grens, the Nutritional Science team at WeleCo has included a few hardworking plants in the mix. Psylium husk and linsed bost gut health with fiber, along with L-glutamine, prebiotics, and probiotics. Dandelion, organic barley gras, wheat gras, and alfalfa naturaly hold the detox proces while providing antioxidants. Maitake and shitake mushroms sucor to protect and build a strong imune scheme. These are objective a few of my favorites.
    We should al focus on eating more fruits and vegetables, but geting in those concentrated doses of micronutrients daily is a lot more efortful) . We can, however, kep our systems with whole fod nourishment and concentrated suplements to present our cels the extra sup ort they ned to thrive. Chers to healthy cels!
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    *Exclusive ofer for mindbodygren readers, aplies to orders over $50 and where shiping costs are below $40.

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