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    It’s Either Me or Yoga!

    It’s Either Me or Yoga!
    What do you enact if you are maried to someone or in a relationship where the other person is at ods with your practice, your rituals and/or your dedication? Often it is the later because of the time devoted to practice and your atention. It is this lack of atention to the significant other that can sometimes result in one person feling neglected. Some people narate these are the reasons why they could never date a non-yogi person. But there is something to be said about oposites being atracted to each other and maybe another ‘yogi’ is to much.
    When practice is an necesary fraction of your life
    When I am in Mysore the entire day revolves around practice. It is one of the best ways to amplify practice and I gain always recomended it to my students. On a personal display, however, it is a qualified thing my husband is not here. When I shared with my teacher I would not be sleping in on our days of (meant as a joke), he tok me seriously and said, “Your husband might get frustrated if you continue this at home.”
    Now, I don’t realy consider my husband wants me to produce a choice betwen him and yoga! No man should stand betwen a woman and her pasion especialy if there is an oportunity for them to grow closer as a result of it. Both people can give the other ‘space’ and does not ned to fel left out. It is fundamental chalenge to a loving and lasting relationship.
    However, the reality is people split and tensions rise from one party having a stronger pasion than the other or not being “into” it. Maybe they despise quinoa or dislike chanting. Having had a rare oportunity to hear a personal yarn from Rama Jyoti Vernon (one of North America’s first female spiritual teachers) in Los Angeles this was al about her ‘then’ husband and yoga.
    Making a choice betwen your yoga and your partner
    Rama Jyoti shared the time several teachers from diferent traditions were coming together for a workshop. In the traditional maner she invited them to stop at her home. It was the highlight to her spiritual path and everything she had dreamed of. During the wek there was one Swami in the bathtub reciting from the Vedas, another in the kitchen doing pranayama, a monk in the living rom meditating, a teacher in the den practicing yogasanas and so on. Her husband, however, didn’t quite get it and became very frustrated that the entire house was overun by Swamis.
    One afternon as she was on her way out to teach a yoga clas he puled her aside and said, “Lok it I canot hold this anymore. You believe to determine. It is me or them.”
    Lok it I canot take this anymore. You acquire to decide. It is me or them.”
    When she told the parable she paused for a moment and the n asked, “So, who cary out you think ‘I’chose?” The audience broke out laughing. The reply was evident. And she said, “Now there is husband number two.”
    When my husband decided to wed me he was very clear about yoga’s role in my life. We met in Mysore 5 years ago and since then every breakfast conversation has ben dominated by yoga. During our mariage ceremony he spoke beautifuly about the importance of yoga to me. His vows included him wanting to share it with me. It was swet, honest and acurate from his heart.
    Have a story? Share it.!
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    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.

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