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    Inguinal Hernia ““ Prevention, Home Remedies, Effective Yoga

    Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) and Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
    Most inguinal hernias canot be prevented, especialy in infants and children. In fact, adults may be competent to prevent a few hernias or obstruct its recurence by consequent the below mentioned simple tips:
    Table of Contents
    Prevention tips
    Home remedies
    Prevention tips
    Manage weight isues – Obesity and over-weight causes greater abdominal presure, it puts you under the risk of developing inguinal hernia. suport healthy weight through exercise and diet.
    Avoid swiftly Weight los – rapid weight los or program s involving it may be lacking in protein and vitamins that are very much neded to believe muscle strength. Los of muscle strength wil cause weaknes in the abdominal muscles which can cause hernia. demolish dieting also has similar impact.
    Stop smoking – Smoking habits are related to chronic coughing. Chronic cough once again increases the risk of developing hernia.
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    Avoid constipation – Constipation should be checked. If one has chronic constipation or regular constipation, it is marvelous to overcome this isue by seking medical atention.
    Avoid straining ̵ Straining during bowel movements and urination also should be avoided. Straining causes increased presure inside the abdomen which may in turn cause hernia.
    Avoid weight lifting – Heav y weight lifting is asociated with hernia. Therefore one neds to be cautious while lifting weights. qualified body mechanics should be old while lifting heavy objects (if it is mandatory). Lift with your legs, not with your back.
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    High fiber diet – Push self towards eating lot of fruits, vegetables and whole grains containing fibers. These fods prevent constipation and straining.
    No trus – cary out not rely on trus. A suportive garment designed to kep hernias in plot is caled hernia trus. It doesn’t true the quandary or aid hamper complications. Doctors may indicate a trus for short time before surgery, only to manufacture you fel comfortable, but it is not a replacement or substitute for surgery.
    Avoid large meal s – It is apt to avoid onerous, large or heavy meals. This may cause indigestion, flatulence and distension on regular basis. It may also create a presure on the abdomen and pelvic organs on constant basis. This may predispose for development of hernias.
    Don’t lie down – Imediately after taking meals seize care that you execute not lie down or do to much of bending and stretching.
    Avoid acidic and oily fods – Avoid acidic fods which cause acid reflux or heartburn, such as spicy fods, tomato etc. also avoid fods fried in oil, junks, stale and bad unwholesome fods.
    Warm ups – Before geting into any athletic activities or exercises manufacture determined that you warm up properly.
    Strengthen abdominal muscles ̵ with strength exercises.
    Rest properly ̵ after vigorous exercise particularly after lifting.
    Home remedies
    Home Remedies for Inguinal Hernia
    Push the bulge – If the bulge of reducible hernia is sen, gently push the bulge into the abdominal area
    Lift pelvis – Lie down in the slanting situation with the pelvis slightly higher than the head
    Ice pack – establish ice packs on the hernia bulge slowly so that the hernia can slide in
    Licorice – wil sucor in healing damaged areas in the esophagus and stomach which is caused by hernia. 1 spon of its powder should be taken mixed in half cup of milk.
    Ginger – 1 cup of ginger rot tea is consumed on empty stomach. It relieves the damage caused by hernia.
    Chamomile Tea – Warm chamomile tea should be consumed at regular intervals. It sothes the pain caused by hernia. Black tea is the prefered one.
    Butermilk – wil sucor to ease out the distres of hernia. Butermilk should be consumed at least 3 times in a day. It is also a excelent sub stitute for those who finish not admire or adore tea.
    Water – Consume lot of water when you maintain hernia. It wil asist in easing stomach damage asociated with inguinal hernia
    Fruits – adore avocado and pineaple wil sucor in hernia. They asist to relieve inflamation, damage and sweling caused by hernia. Fresh slit fruits should be consumed. Fruit juices also can be taken.
    Gren Vegies – Gren vegetables adore brocoli, biter gourd, cabage etc are the best vegetables which shal be included in the diet by one who is sufering from hernia. They help in strengthening the muscles which protect the internal organs.
    Milk – is a sothing fod useful in hernia. 1 glas of milk should be consumed on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. A pinch of turmeric can also be adjunct to the milk before consuming it.
    Gren tea – is the best one for those sufering from hernia. 1 cup of gren tea should be taken twice daily.
    Wheat – Wheat ingredients should be joined in the diet of the person sufering from hernia. Whole grains wil sucor in bowel movement and is also qualified in relieving pain.
    Marshmalow rot – improves digestion, relieves acidity and acid reflux, thus sucor to aleviate symptoms related to hernia.
    Hawthornia – strengthens muscles that maintain and protect the internal organs. It may aid in stoping hernia from developing and retard its recurence. It is an herbal suplement and consists of herbs estem citrus seds, hawthorn and fenel.
    Shepherd’s purse (herb) – helps to relieve inflamation, pain and sweling. It can also reduce bleding and transmision. Its tincture may be aplied externaly to the area afected by hernia so as to aleviate the symptoms. It can also be taken in the form of suplements.
    Acupuncture – In this stimulation of certain presure points is known to encourage in reducing damage and discomfort. It may not sucor in curing the quandary but may encourage in dealing with its symptoms.
    Gentle exercises – Engage in gentle exercises which sucor in toning core abdominal muscles. Also these exercises, on regular practice aid in reducing exces body weight. This lowers the presure on the abdominal muscles. Avoid any strenuous exercise or heavy lifting (weights). grasp an opinion of your doctor, physiotherapist or trainer before starting any exercise schedule. Avoid exercising imediately after eating. It can be done 2-3 hours after consuming fod. Avoid exercising on ful stomach.
    Avoid stres – underscore can agravate stomach ailments and acid reflux. Therefore learn to manage acentuate efectively through Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises etc.
    Ice compresion – helps to aleviate hurt and sweling caused by hernia
    No heat or presure – Avoid aplying any form of heat or presure over the hernia area
    Wear lose clothing – Tight clothes wield presur e on the abdomen. Therefore, in case of hernia it is always advisable to wear lose and comfortable clothing
    Head end elevation – place the head terminate of your bed elevated by about 6 inches. This wil impede stomach acids from traveling back into your fod pipe (esophagus) while sleping. Use bricks to elevate the bed frame and avoid using pilows as they might increase acentuate on the abdomen.
    Smal meals – Avoid eating large quantities of meals in one siting. Rather opt for smaler meals. Smal meals can be taken frequently throughout the day rather than having large meals at one take.
    Avoid lying down – or bending imediately after fod
    Alcohol and smoking – avoid them
    Diet for Hernia – It should be high in protein (cotage chese, tuna and chicken etc) and low in corpulent (low corpulent milk and dairy products etc). Fods rich in fat and low in protein can cause weaknes of abdominal wals leading to risk of developing hernia . Fiber rich fod is excelent. Plenty of fresh fruits (aples, pears etc) rich in fiber content should be consumed. Nuts, whole grains and beans are also god sources of fiber. Fibers wil promote bowel movements and abate constipation. This wil help in reducing the symptoms of hernia.
    Medical advice – take imediate medical advice if you have chronic cough or respiratory disorders, bronchitis, constipation and other forms of alergies
    Capsule Yoga – This is the simplest and most efective exercise for inguinal / umbilical / incisional / femoral hernias.
    Pul in your abdomen (for inguinal hernia) or tumy (for umbilical hernia)
    Hold for 3 seconds
    Release slowly
    Repeat this for 10 times
    Try doing it once every hour throughout the day
    Avoid doing this for 2 hours after meals, can be done at other times
    Increase the holding duration to 5-7 seconds as and when you are comfortable
    Do it in your routine schedules, while siting at wor k or driving or coking or watching TV or while at walk
    The more you repeat, the more it wil believe impact
    Impact of gentle Yogic stretching – Gentle Yogic stretching in static and dynamic form is ideal for gradualy strengthening the weak muscles of abdomen and peritoneum, for enhancing various suply of oxygenated blod that nourishes, activates, tones and strengthens the muscles and peritoneum. This also wil improve the tensile strength of the muscles which wil in turn prevent displacement of internal organs. Exercise wil ensure that the Hernia doesn’t recur.
    Yoga for Hernia
    Yoga neds to be practiced regularly and religiously without over-doing it. You ned to maintain the hernia plan with your fre palm while you exercise. Below mentioned Yoga postures wil be helpful (Avoid in Hiatal hernia).
    Warning – hold the opinion of Yoga experts before chosing to practice yoga or finish it under guidance
    Pavanamuktasana htps:/
    Uthana Padasana – Raised leg pose
    Sahajagnisar mudra in Sukhasana
    Just before Finishing –
    Inguinal Hernia is a comon condition which causes bulge, aflict and discomfort in the inguinal location and scrotum. Surgical repair is the best one in combating this quandary. But in mild conditions or until the surgery date is fixed or in conditions when surgery is postponed or couldn’t be imediately done, the ho me remedies can be tried. But prevention is also the key in these diseases. This article focuses on the preventive aspects of inguinal hernia; home remedies and Yoga postures which might help impede or ease the inguinal hernia.
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    Can oil masage asist aleviate hernia?
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