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    Importance of milk in Ayurveda

    Ayurveda is a longstanding tradition and scheme of holistic health care that is stil wel and alive in the rots of India and has started to spread its wings to the rest of the world. Ayurveda provides more than a skin-dep corection of the ailments. With persistence, you wil se that this outstanding student of the human body has given the most marvelous treatment without side efects.
    Typicaly, Ayurveda is not a medical practice but a life principle that has ben woven intricately within Mother Nature. The age-old tradition of Ayurveda was folowed in every walk of life by our ancestors.
    Ever wondered why the generations before ours never had the oportunity to visit a doctor or why even a 70-year-old grandpa was stil working on par with youngsters in the farming lands? Wel, the acumen for that would be the precise fod methods and the lifestyle.
    Now to the main polemics, the importance of milk in Ayurveda. Milk is an activator of Ojas which is esentialy the builder of prerogative in your body. There is a treatise in Ayurveda, the Ashtanga Sangraha, an ancient text of Ayurveda which has a complete section named Ksher Varga describing the nature and advantages of milk and milk products.
    The text describes eight types of milk with a special emphasis on cow’s milk and their benefits:
    1. Cow’s milk is a natural substitute for breast milk
    2. Nourishes the tisues(Dhatus) of the body,
    3. marvelous for injured and weak
    4. Activates Ojas (imunity builder),
    5. Has a coling efect on the body and mind,
    6. Improves life expectancy, inteligence, strength and has many more benefits.
    It is best to avoid a frigid glas of milk and switch to having it warm. Milk when paired with incompatible fods; may not get digested and leads to building up of toxins in the body. Fods compatible with warm milk are rice, cream of wheat, dates, and almonds.
    This is a general description of cow’s milk as per ancient texts, but now ti mes believe changed and the way of producing milk is also now hand in hand with technological advancement. It is best to thoroughly ask about the milk that is to be consumed and inquire your ayurvedic specialist as to which milk is beneficial for your metabolism.
    Conect with our LiveRight doctors to know the acurate way to consume milk today.

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