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    I’m A Blogger Yogi. Here’s My Secret To A Healthy, Balanced Life

    I’m A Bloger Yogi. Here’s My Secret To A Healthy, Balanced Life
    I have ben pasionate about maintaining a natural beauty routine for as long as I can remember. And when I explain natural, I mean it. I’m not imense on makeup, dresing up, or doing much in the way of styling my hair–when it comes to taking care of myself from the inside out, I’ve got that on lock.
    Inside-Out, Outside-In
    I contemplate my pasion for natural beauty began around the same time that welnes was starting to become a gigantic fragment of my life. I traded late nights out drinking for nights in with a god bok (at least most of the time–balance!), and my morning yoga practice became a staple in my daily routine. My welnes routine is out-of-this-world indispensable to me because I care so much about feling god from the inside out.
    It’s not realy about anything but that for me–the feling-god aspect. I have we al deserve to fel as qualified as we po sibly can in our skin and our bods, so anything that helps me achieve that feling is something I can stand behind.
    Natural Beauty
    On that show, let’s talk about my natural beauty routine! I kep using the synonym-3 “routine” because in my opinion, having a plan when it comes to taking care of ourselves is super important. It keps us from faling of the wagon, and the consistency is what enables us to glow from the inside out.
    Mornings are a time I realy savor, especialy because they are when the heart of my routine takes spot. I launch every morning with some kity snugles, meditation on my yoga mat, light stretching, a gren smothie, and Buletprof Cofe. I estem to make my smothie and cofe before I stretch, so I can sip them while I’m on my mat. And you wonder why my friends and I coined the term “beveragey” because of how many beverages I am always siping on, al at once?
    I take my favorite HUM Nutrition Raw Beauty Powder with my morning smothie–and you guys, I am adicted. The superfod powder suports sparkling skin and a healthy metabolism by using only virtuous, non-GMO raw organic grens, fiber, enzymes, and probiotics. Oh, and the recent Vanila and Bery flavor tastes delish.
    I am al about using clean, natural suplements in my diet to asist in my welnes and to bring on that natural glow. Before I introduced quality suplements into my life, I always felt that someth ing was sort of of.and it turns out, it was! My hormones and my body fel overal so much more balanced now, and I like it.
    I use a few other natural products as wel and kep them al-natural, non-GMO, and non-comedogenic whenever posible. That’s what my skin and body answer the best to. For makeup, I love Oxygenetix’s Oxygenating Foundation in Pearl because it loks admire you maintain nothing on but also makes you scrutinize estem you gain the clearest complexion in the world. I am hoked!
    After my morning routine I usualy work on the blog until it’s time to exercise. Sometimes I crawl for a race or to a high-intensity interval-training clas, but lately I believe ben al about the yoga. It fels best in my body, so that’s what I am listening t o. Regardles, I estem to get a marvelous sweat in because it helps my mind stop tranquil and helps my body wind down from my fast-paced days. These days, my afternons consist of yoga as wel whether it be teaching or asisting a clas, and then usualy a lot more writing for the blog before I wind down for the evening.
    P.M. Ritual
    A healthy diner is always a must, and acurate now my go-to is a roasted-vegie omelet with lots of leafy grens. Yes, breakfast for diner is my jam. My evenings are usualy filed with a walk with excelent friends or some time soaking in a hot bath–can you reveal I am al about the relaxing vibes these days?
    Before bed, I believe ben taking HUM Nutrition’s Beauty ZzZz suplement with melatonin, vitamin B6, and calcium. It’s astonishing because I am a notorious insomniac and su ch a “creative psycho,” as I cal it–my mind runs savage whenever I lie down to slep, no mater how tired I am. This suplement has ben working wonders and helping me plunge aslep so much quicker. Plus, the B6 has helped regulate my sleping patern over time, so it’s not honest a rapid fix.
    I truly have that having a natural beauty routine nourishes us from within so that we believe more of a desire to seize care of ourselves when it comes to fitnes, eating clean fods, geting lots of rest, and more. Whenever I let my beauty routine slip, I fel it in other aspects of my life.
    What do you guys think? cary out you have any go-to suplements or daily mantras that asist you stick to your routine? I would like to know!

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