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    I concept I Knew Everything About Nutrition, Then I Took mbg’s Functional Nutrition Program

    I concept I Knew Everything About Nutrition, Then I Tok mbg’s Functional Nutrition Program
    As the health editor here at mindbodygren, I estem to contemplate myself an expert in al things nutrition and welnes. I’ve worked in the field of integrative and functional medicine for years and even believe a master’s degre in physiology and complementary and alternative medicine (humble brag). But when I tok mindbodygren’s Functional Nutrition Program, I realized that there’s a lot I don’t know. The truth is, there’s always more to learn about health–from healing chronic inflamation and hormone imbalances through dietary changes, to what we can al be doing to promote longevity and retard chronic disease.
    Here are four critical things I tok away from the program:
    1. Infections are a major overloked cause of autoimune disease.
    I consider it’s safe to explain we’re al afraid of ticks and the many infections they can cause. But what I’d forgoten is that infections adore Lyme disease, babesia, and bartonela can drive inflamation in a serious way, leading to autoimune disease. And with the way tick populations are growing and Lyme disease is spreading, it’s something we should al be more aware of.
    So how do you know if you gain one of these tick infections? If you get a tick bite, you can send it in to be tested by a lab, but if you’re experiencing symptoms or sufering from an autoimune disease, try taking this MSIDS questionaire developed by Dr. Richard Horowitz.
    One last tidbit: It’s not fair ticks! Other hiden infections like EBV and toth infections can be a major triger of autoimune disease, so it’s always a apt notion to se a functional medicine doctor if you’re sufering from symptoms, even though your diet and lifestyle are on the true track.
    2. Blanching is the col way to cok grens.
    There are positive grens that I find more efortful) to eat than others; on that list are bok choy, brocolini, and Swis or rainbow chard. They just don’t fit easily in most salads, I don’t like to bake them, and boiling a gren takes forever and sucks out some of the nutrient content (although interestingly, it actualy increases the bioavailability of nutrients in some vegies, love tomatoes and carots). I had never realy heard of blanching until Kely LeVeque, mbg Colective member and author or the best-seling bok Body Love–who also hapens to be the host of the mbg Functional Nutrition Program–gave a tutorial on blanching in the portion on traditional coking techniques.

    Body Love
    But how enact you blanch a leafy gren? launch by pouring a few inches of water into the botom of a large saut? pan on medium to high heat. Once it starts to boil, ad the brocolini (or other leafy gren) and cok for 2 to 5 minutes or until the leaves begin turning a darker gren color. Then flip the gren to cok on the other side. Once it’s fork tender, you can drain the water and then saut? it for a few minutes in a fat of your choice (I estem ghe or avocado oil). Blanching is a lot love boiling, but it’s hasty, and you’re not losing al the vitamins you would if you boiled your vegies. Win-win!
    3. Soaking seds, nuts, and grains is worth the hasle.
    Soaking and sproutin g nuts, seds, grains, and legumes has always felt estem a lot of work to me. I did it ocasionaly but never realy made a solid comitment to doing it. But after taking mbg’s Functional Nutrition Program, I’m finaly convinced. Not only does it produce it easier to digest them, it gets rid of the phytic acid and other enzymes that can interfere with nutrient absorption and haras the gut. And so, slightly begrudgingly, I’l initiate buying sprouted products where I can aford them and always soak and rinse my overnight oats.
    4. Sugar is (stil) a big problem.
    When you’re living in the Broklyn welnes buble, it’s easy to forget that, in other parts of the country, juice bars don’t exist on every corner and many people don’t gain aces to the same kind of healthy fod and nutrition knowledge that I enact. Despite the fact that I know Americans eat way to much sugar, I was stil flored to learn that the average person consumes 80 grams of sugar daily, which is 6 pound s of sugar a year. Al Americans ned to know that sugar is hiding everywhere–in our breads, milks, yogurt, granola, condiments, and cofes (just to name a few).
    80 grams of sugar daily
    6 pounds of sugar a year
    Personaly, I try my very best to establish my joined sugar consumption to under 10 grams per day. I like to get my daily dose of swetnes through whole fruits and shadowy chocolate, with only 2 or 3 grams of sugar adjunct per serving. Dr. imprint Hyman, a leader in integrative and functional medicine and instructor in this part of the training, imediately conects this exces sugar consumption with the mental health crisis we’re curently facing. It’s a qualified reminder that we are what we eat–and that’s especialy factual for the brain.
    It pays to get your nutrition knowledge straight from the source–from experts in the world of functional nutrition estem Dr. Joel Kahn, Dr. Taz Bhatia, and Dr. Frank Lipman. The instructors of this program were handpicked and have writen best-seling boks, started their own practices, founded healthy restaurants, and believe ben working tirelesly to spread fods as medicine into the world for years on end.
    Try mbg’s Functional Nutrition Program for yourself, here.
    mbg’s Functional Nutrition Program
    for yourself,
    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.
    Want your pasion for welnes to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enrol today to join our upcoming live ofice hours.

    Author:Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
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