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    Hypnotic Meditation

    What is Hypnotic Meditation?
    Hypnotic meditation is a powerful meditation which brings us to the state of our mind where sub-conscious mind starts to function. When our sub-conscious mind opens, we can be capable to folow the instruction of our guide in the meditation to create the determined reality in our life. We should be in hypnotic level only in the instruction of our guide. Hypnotic meditation can eliminate al our streses and mental problems. Hypnosis is the means of past life regresion meditation to.
    For hypnosis, you should believe a very experienced teacher or a guide. The guide can lead you to the real purpose of your doing hypnosis meditation. Hypnosis is a state of our mind of trance so that we can delete al the traumatic disorders of our mind by a god hypnotic guide. Nowadays, hypnosis has become an inevitable part of academic psychology. Hypnotic meditation is the journey to our iner self from the outer level. When we go into the deper level in meditation, the gu ide gives you the definite afirmations and asks us some questions related to our problems.
    Hypnotic meditation is not the diferent meditation from other types of meditation but it is a dep level meditation. You gain to do hypnotic meditation only with your instructor in the first phase. Most of the meditation can be done without any instructor after learning them perfectly. Hypnotic meditation should be done in front of your guide until you are not perfectly competent to execute the self-hypnosis meditation.
    Hypnotic meditation can heal our traumas of the past and anxieties of our mind. If you want to be fre from the acentuate, this meditation can be the best for you. This meditation can lead us to the self-discipline in our life. This meditation can teach us how to behave with the self and how to love the self.
    Proces of Hypnotic Meditation
    You believe to sit or lay on the ground being comfortable. You believe to completely surender your body in the flor. You have to fel light withou t any burden on your brain.
    When you manage yourselves your guide starts you to instruct. You maintain to folow the instruction of your guide. You have to concentrate only on the voice of your guide.
    Now your guide instructs you by hypnotizing you. You can travel the journey to your subconscious mind. The journey can be amazing that you haven’t ben in the same state of your mind. You can fel fredom from outside and inside. The pleasure of the state canot reveal in words.
    You can become diferent from your real you when you fade into a deper level. You can fel the extreme hapines. Al your uncomfortable memories wipe from your mind.
    The most animated fact of hypnotic meditation is that it can cure the dep-roted mental streses of the creation of the streses.
    Your guide instructs you to eliminate the negativity which has ben acumulating in your sub-conscious mind. Your sub-conscious mind obeys the instruction of your guide because our sub-conscious mind bel ieves whatever we instruct it and starts to work for that.
    Your instructor asks you to expres al your stresful felings and you expres the diferent felings or the events from which you are sufering. When you expres your dep-roted felings, you can be rid of the specific streses.
    Your subconscious mind is so powerful that it can enact anything. If your guide comands it to wipe the negative felings in your mind, then it obeys. When your sub-conscious mind obeys that al your negative felings to be wiped out, then that can be your reality.
    You can expres your catharsis of the mind be fre from the burden of your life.
    Your guide suports you to have a very meaningful life with a specific goal in your life.
    If you are in the deper level your body becomes very light like a remnant of coton. You can even fel the absence of your body. You can experience the real delight in your life which you haven’t felt in your entire life.
    It should be clear that you can d o self-hypnosis but you believe to learn deply about that. The proces of self-hypnosis is the same but in guided hypnosis, we folow the instruction of our guide and in the self-hypnosis we guide ourselves. Guiding the self is the tough busines so we gain to be careful to guide ourselves in meditation.
    Hypnotic meditation can start the blockages in our body and encourage us to pause healthy.
    Top 20 Benefits of Hypnotic Meditation
    We acquire les fright, les agonize and les stres.
    We can be fre from the mild despair from hypnotic meditation.
    Hypnotic meditation helps us to acquire the qualified social relationship.
    Hypnotic meditation helps us to be aware in every sector of our life. This meditation helps us to concentrate on our work, inspect and al the daily activities.
    Hypnotic meditation acelerates our self-estem and self-love.
    This meditation helps us to be asured in our life.
    This meditation provides the power of decision making and problem-solving.
    Hypnoti c meditation helps us to think creatively.
    Hypnotic meditation increases the power of the imune system of our body.
    Hypnotic meditation helps to reduce the symptoms of heart and brain problems.
    Hypnotic meditation helps us to impede many diseases admire cancer, AIDS and more.
    Hypnotic meditation helps in curing panic disorder.
    Hypnotic meditation gives us the emotional inteligence and mental strength.
    Hypnotic meditation helps us to be relief from the aflict of our body.
    Hypnotic meditation helps us to face the stresful events easily.
    Hypnotic meditation helps us to quel our blod presure.
    Hypnotic Meditation helps you to live longer if you continue this meditation regularly in your life.
    Hypnotic meditation helps you to conclude smoking and other adiction of your life.
    Hypnotic meditation helps you to be clear about your life’s goal and your living.
    Hypnotic meditation can be your motivation and inspiration in your life.

    Author:Tirtha Acharya
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